Nuclear energy


nuclear energy

You can use nuclear energy to power up things with it being a alternate electricity source.You need a reactor to transform the nuclear material into the energy that you need to use.It already powers over 200 million Homes around the world.One problem with this is that the energy was left behind was waste even though it still has electricity. Wiffle ball is formed by the electrons and the negatives,a wiffle ball is six magnetic coils arranged in a positive cubic grid . The waste then forms radiation which can cause many pollution problems.In the world nuclear energy is used 20% of all the types energy.

PROCESS:There are two processes fission and division.Fission they use uranium fuel and ceramic pellets to produce electricity by fuel.Then division is mitosis where the cell is splitting to two daughter cells that are identical to the parent.water separates fuel tubes in the reactor.the heat produced by fission turns this water into steam. The steam drives a turbine which spins a generator to create electricity.


Environment/Wildlife and Cost

The energy from the power plant does not really effect the environment that much because it produces it self without a problem.They are air friendly because they use the fission process which produces heat without a problem.It is the cleanest energy source compared to the other energy sources.The wildlife is affected by The radiation that is left behind by the energy causing the animals to get sick from radiation and possibly dying.

COST:For you to have a nuclear plant built it would cost a lot of time and also cost $360 billion dollars to even start the build.The major cost for the overall unit is $1.6 trillion dollars or 10666666 barrels worth of energy .Each kWh is .76 cents to keep it going.


1951: EBR-1 was the first reactor to produce the nuclear energy

1954: USS nautilus, the first nuclear powered submarine

1957: Shipping port reactor begins operation,first commercial nuclear power

1974: 75% of french power is nuclear

1979: Three mile island suffers radiation meltdown because of radiation

1986: EBR-2 shows advanced sodium reactors can positively shut down

1994: Mega watts program major to US

2013:Nuclear powered voyager reactors enter stellar space after 36


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