Crittenden's Corner

Weekly Updates from Room 158

Dates to Remember

*Monday, January 19- Martin Luther King Jr. Day; HOLIDAY-NO SCHOOL

*Friday, January 23- SPIRIT DAY: Twin Day! (dress the same as another student in the school!)

*Friday, January 23- Last Day for AfterSchool Arts Applications!

*Tuesday, January 27- Report Cards Go Home

*Friday, January 30- SPIRIT DAY: Claxton Colors!

*Monday, February 2- Spring Afterschool Arts Begin

*Thursday, February 5- Early Release Day for Students

*Friday, February 6- No School For Students- Teacher Workday

Upcoming Birthdays

January 29- Katelyn Hathcock

February 2- Mrs. Robinson

February 12- Anthony Suhren

After School Arts Forms are Due by January 23rd! If you need another form, please let me know :)

Mystery Readers Needed for End of January!

If you are looking for a great opportunity to volunteer in the classroom, being a Friday Mystery Reader is a possibility to you! It's easy and only takes a short amount of time; the kids love the mystery of not knowing who is coming in and receiving hints about the reader! We have our Mystery Reader time from 2:00-2:20 every Friday! I am looking for someone to come be our Mystery Reader on Friday, January 23rd! Thank you to the parents and grandparents who have volunteered! The kids have loved the experience and I hope that I can continue this tradition! :)

Please follow the link below to sign up for a time to come and star as our Mystery Reader or let me know by phone or email and I can fill out the form for you!

Spring Conferences

This spring semester, I want to be able to meet with each of you and discuss your child's progress in first grade so far! I am so proud of each and every one of them and I would love the opportunity to tell you more about how they are doing! Our MCLASS state testing window closes mid-February. Be on the lookout for both an online Google Doc and a hard copy with sign up times for afternoons and mornings! I am aiming to push this online and hard copy sign up out before the end of January. I am trying to provide as many times as possible to make the conferences work with your busy schedules! My aim is to be able to meet with each parent before our Spring Break (March 27-April 3). If you have any questions about the conferences, please let me know :)

Weekly Curriculum Update

MATH- This coming week, we will be reviewing place value. Students will be able to draw representations of 10's and 1's for a given number, using our place value block manipulatives as an aid. From that, we will be learning how to add two digit numbers to one digit numbers using our knowledge of place value!

FUNDATIONS- Next week, we will continue our study of Unit 8. Students will be working on reading and spelling words with blends, as well as words that combine both a digraph and a blend. Some words have both a digraph (SH, WH, CH, CK, TH) and another consonant to create three consonants that go together to make a sound. This is called a digraph blend. Students will be working in Word Work during the Daily 5 to reinforce these concepts.

READING- We will be learning how to respond to written comprehension questions about books that we are reading. These written comprehension questions are a key component in the students' overall understanding of the text. The questions include setting, character feelings and actions, problem/solution and main events in the story. We will be practicing tackling these questions and going back to the book to find the answers!

WRITING- We are going to be continuing our study of informational writing. Students will be writing "I Know About" pieces in which they research a topic and write a few sentences with true facts about that topic. They also will learn to introduce the topic and close the piece in a way that makes sense. We will be writing about our moon and everything we are learning about it!

SCIENCE- The kids have LOVED getting to learn about our moon and sun and how they interact with Earth. This week, we will be furthering that study while also pairing it with a great comprehension tool for non-fiction text: paraphrasing. The kids will read a non-fiction book about the Moon, Sun and Earth, then we will practice taking information that we have learned from the books and putting it into our own words! The kids will also be making a model which will help them understand how they Sun, Moon and Earth relate to each other in space.

SOCIAL STUDIES- Towards the end of the month, we will be circling our lessons back to the idea of global diversity and awareness. We will be taking a "virtual field trip" to the country that we will be aiding through the Heifer International Organization. Our country is Ukraine! If you have any knowledge or experiences with Ukraine and would like to aid in my planning of the unit, please let me know! :)