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Weekly Newsletter - November 11, 2019

You Can't Teach or Expect - What you Don't Know or Can't Do

Empathy - Information from Mindtools:

For leaders, having empathy is critical to managing a successful team or organization. Leaders with empathy have the ability to put themselves in someone else's situation. They help develop the people on their team, challenge others who are acting unfairly, give constructive feedback, and listen to those who need it.

If you want to earn the respect and loyalty of your team, then show them you care by being empathic.

How can you improve your empathy?

  • Put yourself in someone else's position – It's easy to support your own point of view. After all, it's yours! But take the time to look at situations from other people's perspectives. See our article on Perceptual Positions for a useful technique for doing this.
  • Pay attention to body language – Perhaps when you listen to someone, you cross your arms, move your feet back and forth, or bite your lip. This body language tells others how you really feel about a situation, and the message you're giving isn't positive! Learning to read body language can be a real asset in a leadership role, because you'll be better able to determine how someone truly feels. This gives you the opportunity to respond appropriately.
  • Respond to feelings – You ask someone to work late – again. And although they agree, you can hear the disappointment in their voice. So, respond by addressing feelings. Tell them you appreciate how willing they are to work extra hours, and that you're just as frustrated about working late. Be aware of how your actions are affecting others, acknowledge feelings, and respond with solutions.

Have a great week!

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Updates and Information

  • Oct. 1st the Transfer Window opened for the Spring of 2020. Please review and have your principal and secretary review the timeline and process on the Student Services Google Site here Transfer Process. Here is the link to the transfer page on our Keller ISD website: Student Transfers.

  • Next Education Support Webinar - November 21st - Mark your Calendar!

  • November 13th and 14th - AP Meeting 8:30-12:00 - Optional C and I Meetings 1:00-4:00

More Professional Development for You!

Question: Do I ensure that novice teachers are paired with competent veteran teachers? Whether they’re new to the profession or new to your building, new teachers at your school must be put in the best possible position to succeed. You want every new teacher to perform well enough to return the following year. Your relationship with each teacher is crucial: As busy as you undoubtedly are, you must still provide support by observing, and offering valuable feedback to your new teachers.

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