Florida is a wonderful state and has so manyamazing things to offer. You will learn about some of the states fun facts, some of the resources that it offers,some cool landforms, a awesome location and two places to visit. I hope you learn a lot about about Florida and will come and enjoy the Everglades state sometime.

State Facts

Florida has many fantastic facts such as population,nickname(s),state shell and the state tree. This wonderful state has a population of over 18,000,000 people! Wow that's a lot of people! Another interesting fact is Florida's nicknames. One of it's nicknames is The Sunshine State because of it's weather. One other fact is about the state shell, called the Horse Conch. The word Conch comes from the Greek word which means shell. And finally the state tree which is called The Sabal Palm Tree. Florida adopted the Sabal Palm Tree in 1953. The population,nickname(s),state shell and state tree are just four of this states fantastic facts.


Florida has many resources such as crops. Some crops that Floridians grow are Oranges,grapefruit,tangerines and limes. But the most popular one you will find is Oranges. Florida is known for producing the most oranges then any other state! Crops are just one resource that Florida has plenty of.


Florida has a interesting land forms and location. like Lake Okeechobee which is located far south of Disney World. Did you know Lake Okeechobee is the largest fresh water lake in Florida. Kissimee river and the Atlantic Ocean flow into it. Another river in Florida is Suwannee river which flow through Georgia then through Florida and into the Atlantic Ocean. And those are just some of Florida's land form's.


Florida also has a awesome location to visit or live in. Florida is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Golf Of Mexico. The Golf Of Mexico and The Atlantic Ocean are helpful to attract tourists and are helpful for tourists to us because they are beautiful, relaxing,social and much more. Did you know that the Florida Key's reaches farther south then any other state. it is also a great vacation spot to relax in. Florida's location is a great vacation spot if you want to get out of and cold weather.

Fun places to visit

Florida has many fun places to visit such as Walt Disney World and The Kennedy Space Center. Walt Disney World is a adventure park where any age kids and even adults can go on rides and meet there favorite Disney character. Walt Disney World has 3 different areas. They are Magic Kingdom which is best for kids that are younger. Epoct center which is a blast. And Disney-MGM Studios. So if you are looking for a place to have hours of fun Walt Disney World is the place to be. Another fun place to visit in Florida is The Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center is located on Florida's eastern coast. The Kennedy Space Center is a launch area. They launch rockets into space! They have launch rockets into space since 1968. There you can see you most powerful rockets built ever! Walt Disney World and The Kennedy Space Center are just two of Florida's fun places to visit while you are there.


Florida is a wonderful place to visit. I have told you about some fun facts, a few resources it has, the cool landforms, the special location and teo nice places to visit. I hope you learned some intresting things about Florida the Sunshine state!