Climate Change



Climate Change is a big issue that can cause our world to have more droughts and hurricanes. Many of these issues can be solved easily if we don't pollute but recycle and use more renewable resources. We have to make a change soon no matter what other problems we have. Climate change just may even transform the earth into a wasteland over the next few years. Help the world and help the ocean.

What is Climate Change

Climate Change aka Global Warming is a change in global or regional climate patterns,the change started in the mid to late 20th century and because of the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.


One of the main causes of climate change is from all of the fossils fuels that we have burned. Another problem is the manure that cows produce. Because the methane in the manure is a greenhouse gas. Since farmers feed their cows so much there constantly producing manure which is a source of global warming.

Pollution also is causing climate change. Because now we need to burn all of these items that we are just throwing away and this is causing EVEN MORE greenhouse gasses to go into the the atmosphere.. Which is heating up our planet one

step at a time. And all of this heating causes a lot of ocean species to die off which will result in our world being destroyed.


The effects on climate change is that there will be more droughts and heat waves. Hurricanes would happen more often, Sea levels and temperature would rise which will produce deadzones and the melting ice caps will make the arctic ice free, There will be changes in precipitation patterns, The growing season will increase, temperatures will also continue to rise.


One of the many solutions to

stop drastic climate change is to use renewable resources such as

Solar Power, because when you use solar power you aren't using a physical property. Thus you can't throw away electricity.

Another solution is riding a bike to school, because when you ride a bike you burn calories not fossil fuels.

The final solution is recycling, because when you recycle you don't throw it away you reuse it over and over and over again. And when you throw away your trash in the ocean. You're not only polluting the world. But you're polluting yourself.