Words from Weston

A Monthy Newsletter from Weston Elementary

September, 2020 Issue

Kasie Allen, Principal / Debbie Case, Secretary / Ronda LeBrasseur, Clerk

Weston School Day: 9:15-2:30

Dear Weston Families,

In spite of all that is going on in the world around us, these early years in your child's educational journey are truly a time of joy and wonder. As you walk beside your child, whether as co-teacher in a virtual learning environment or as the evening homework and reading at home support, enjoy this wonderful window of time. Also know that it is perfectly OK for a child not to automatically know something he encounters in his work. That's where the magic of learning happens! It's our role as parents and teachers to help kids understand how to persevere and work at leaning something new. It's not that they'll never know it - they just don't know it yet. We also need to ensure that kids know their own power and take action when it comes to being in charge of their own learning. In the coming years, we can teach them to ask questions, seek help with their learning when needed, hold high expectations for themselves and track their progress toward their learning goals.

The Weston Teachers and I look forward to working with you this year. We are so excited to welcome our students next week and have worked very hard to prepare for a great start. Thank you for your patience as we navigate all the changes that have some our way.


Kasie Allen, Principal

Mark Your Calendar

September 8: School begins for all virtual students and follows the Kearsley calendar from this date forward. Also, face-to-face students with last names beginning L-Z attend in-person.

September 9: Face-to-face students with last names A-K attend in-person.

September 10: All face-to-face learners attend from this date forward.

Parent Group News

Meetings are held every other month. For the time-being, meetings will be held outdoors on the playground (weather permitting) or virtually.The committee would love to have new faces to help us with ideas. If you are interested in connecting with the PTO, please email: westonelempto@gmail.com
  • Next meeting: September 14, at 5:30pm.

Positive Behavior at Weston

In Kearsley, all students should follow the "Bee Code." This code is as follows:

Be Respectful,

Be Responsible,

Be Ready (to learn) and

Be Safe.

During the first weeks of school, teachers talk with students about the code and what it means to follow it. Students can earn Bee Code tickets by demonstrating expected behaviors, and these tickets are entered into a weekly drawing.

In addition to the Bee Code, each month we focus on a different elements of good character using a curriculum called the Positivity Project. Students who go above and beyond to demonstrate these elements of good character are selected as Students of the Month. The principal and counselor recognize our students of the month and their names are printed in the school newsletter. (Please let the principal know if you do not want your child's name printed.)

Parent Pick-Up & Drop Off

If you are in the pick up/drop off line with your vehicle, it is imperative that you do not exit your vehicle. If you need to exit your vehicle for any reason, even to help a child with a booster seat or safety belt, you must park in the lot. We want to avoid any unsafe situations that could cause accidents. Safety comes first! Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Students can be dropped of beginning at 9:05 and will be dismissed promptly at 2:30. Please be sure to have your student's number clearly displayed in your window at pick-up.

Tech Help

Having trouble with your new device? Please reach out to the Tech Department: kearhelp@kearsleyschools.org

If you are having trouble accessing Google Classroom, please contact your child's teacher via email or phone. You can also contact principal, Kasie Allen at kaallen@kearsleyschools.org.

We are all in this together, and we are here to help!

Promoting Literacy in Your Home

Meet The Weston Teachers

Mrs. Simms - Developmental Kindergarten

Mr. Chambers - Online Kindergarten

Ms. Jones - Online Kindergarten

Mrs. Meyer - Online Kindergarten

Ms. Becker - Kindergarten

Mrs. Berlin - Kindergarten

Mrs. Hayes - Kindergarten

Mrs. Kacel - Kindergarten

Mrs. Cichowicz/Mrs. Goulish - Online 1st Grade

Mrs. Hogan - Online 1st Grade

Mrs. Lobsinger - Online 1st grade

Mrs. Brockman - 1st Grade

Mrs. Howell - 1st Grade

Mrs. Ogans - 1st Grade

Ms. Webster - 1st Grade

Mr. Johnson - Physical Education

Mrs. Shetron - Music

Ms. Taylor - School Counselor

Mrs. Allen - Principal

(Some links will require you to log into your child's google account - email: firstname.lastname@students.kearsleyschools.org, password: kearstudentid)

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Make Sure You're in the Know!

Please go to the district website at: www.kearsleyschools.org and fill out the information for Ed Alerts, right hand side about halfway down. That is how all important information is shared.

A quick and easy way to keep in touch with your child’s teacher is through email. Email addresses are generally the first initial and last name of the teacher @kearsleyschools.org.

District Calendar

KCS Covid-19 Toolkit

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