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Dear Carolyn:

I hate when people think im mean because I have a tattoo on my forehead and now when I go places people look at me weird I don't like it I hate that people think im a bad person just because my appearance and they judge without getting to know me I am a good person what should I do I am freaking out?


weird guy with forehead


I read your note and I was so touched I really think your an idiot for getting a forehead tattoo but u need to go do some charity work or give stuff to people or all I can really give to you is to really be nice to people show them that you really care about them and make new friends.

- Carolyn

brain jack must see movie

this movie will put you on the edge of your seat the whole book and I is filled with action and heart break it will put you in the twist the whole movie that is what is unique about this book the ending is to die for and it is action packed filled with excitement so go pick up this book you won t regret it.

Girl can see the future from the neiro headset!!

that's right the tittle is real she always has the neiro headset on and she went to school the next day and she knew everything and she told everyone what happened and she was got asked so many questions and she is held under custody we wanna know how that happened she knows everything even the future..
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