Reilly Remote Learning Plan

Weekly Outline

Big picture

Each Week, the Remote Learning Plan Will Consist of the Following:

The remote learning for elementary students will focus across content areas. English Language Arts and Mathematics should be happening daily, as well as physical activity, exploring the arts, ​or​ focusing on wellness (Social Emotional Learning). Science and Social Studies suggestions are per week, so families will decide when that best fits with their schedule, all at once, or a bit each day. The plan outlined below includes all content areas.

❖ R​emote Instruction:

Your child’s teacher will continue to reach out to schedule times to check in with students and

discuss support options for remote learning. Some of these options may include emails, communicating via Google Classroom, Bloomz, Class DOJO or other platforms, or having check in sessions with students via Zoom or Google Hangouts. These will vary by class, grade, and school.

Weekly Assignments​:

  • Each week students will receive activities that correspond with remote learning. These will vary across content areas and are meant to be done independently by children for the most part. Our youngest learners will likely need help with reading at times. Projects could include reading and writing about a favorite book, or solving math problems, or exploring science or social studies concepts.

  • Students will be asked to submit work from the various activities. The expectation for the work will be described in the instructions from their teacher.

  • If students need support or clarification on an activity assigned, they can email the teacher or ask for help using the communication method that your child’s teacher chooses.

  • For students receiving special education services, activities will be modified accordingly through the collaboration between classroom teacher and special education teacher.

  • Your child could also be offered online learning opportunities using programs like iReady, Lexia, Raz Kids, ST Math, or Khan Academy.

  • Additional Information​:

    • You may continue to access the “At Home Learning” packets that have been developed for Weeks 1-5 on the LPS At Home Learning Website. Additional resources will continue to be updated on this page.

    • We encourage families to develop their own schedule that works with their own unique circumstances. We encourage you to review the remote instruction, the corresponding activities assigned, and the virtual meeting opportunity times when you receive them this week. Then, with your child, create a schedule for that week that makes sense for your family.

    • Many children do best when there are predictable routines and expectations. Perhaps you can spend this week defining work areas, setting clear expectations of how to complete expected work moving forward (​for example​, practice logging into accounts, have materials ready to go​ near the computer and/or work table, set a timer to work for a specified time.)

(Please hold on to finished work until we develop a way to return it. The school will track I-Ready, Lexia, and STMath progress. Teachers will also be able to step in and support through these applications.)