IQ levels

The story of our brain.

What to expect

The average IQ score is 90-110 in America ,but in other places like Japan they have a average of 120. If you are lower than 70 there maybe something wrong in the head.If you are above 120 congrats you are above average in the United States!

How do we get a IQ number?

When you take a IQ test you are not scored by a 100% or a GPA(grade point average) you are grouped with other americans, but we are not exact. The score is in a 10 point variance. So if you get a 100 you could be anything from 90 to 110. They just go in the middle.


We have actually increased by 10 points from the 90s(thats a lot). A doctor studied the change in IQ over time and kids have a much higher IQ than any other time. They also increased by 30 points.


Can you change your IQ

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Brain Matrix

Brain Matrix