Government in Sparta

In Sparta, the government was an oligarchy. An oligarchy was an government that consist of few people. Two kings headed a council of elders. The council, which included 28 citizens over age 60, Presented laws to an assembly. Any Spartan man over the age of 30 belonged to the assembly. The assembly voted on the council's laws and chose five people to be ephors each year. Ephors enforced the laws and managed tax collection.


The Spartans were a very strong, constantly battling, ruthless, army of great fighters. They trained really hard as a child and growing up. the Spartans would either win or die but they would never surrender. The Spartans would conquer their neighbors and enslave them. One Spartan mother once ordered her son to come home carrying your shield or being carried on it. the Spartans were very successful because they wouldn't ever give up or surrender.
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Boys in Sparta

In Sparta boys would leave their home at age 7 to go and join the army. They would join so young so they would have extremely painful training. The reason they had such painful training was to make them gain strength so they wouldn't coward out in battle when they are older. when they reached age 30 they would go home but stayed in the army until they turned age 60 when they retired but they continued to train for combat.

Women in Sparta

In Sparta women were really free to do most anything. Since women would not go into training or combat they would do regular day things. The girls would be trained in sports running, wrestling, and throwing javelins. They had to be kept fit so they could be healthy mothers.The wives lived at home while the men lived in the barracks. Because of that Spartan women were freer than other Greek women. The women could go anywhere they want and they could own property.

Art in Sparta

Sparta was not always a military based place. In fact in earlier times the Spartans used bronze and ivory to create beautiful objects and poetry excelled. creations from this time provide evidence of this high point in Spartan culture.

Life in Sparta

In Sparta the Spartans would have their own tasks depending on gender. The Spartans did not go to school because they didn't see any need for academic strengths. Spartans