Chinese Medication

by Connor Robinette

Introduction to Chinese Medicine

China was one of the first countries to have a medicine culture. Chinese methods of medication are still very different from other countries. The traditional Chinese ways of medicine started to be invented 5,000 years ago. Traditional ways include acupunctures, herbal medicine, and massages.


Acupuntures are very commonly used in China. There are two methods of acupuncture. The two methods include using needles and acupunture with fire. Back then, the Chinese people used stone needles instead of metallic silver needles. Now, Chinese people use stainless steel and silver needles that usually have a length of 15-125 mm and a diameter range of 0.28- 0.45 mm. The other method of acupuncture is fire. The acupuncture method of fire is also called moxibustion. There are different ways to use moxibustion and they include microwave needle moxibustion, electronic needle moxibustion, acupoint injection, and acupoint magnetotherapy. Back then, people realized that it was possible when a cooking housewife impacted with fire and found lenitive at the ache. That was why people thought of fire acupuncture and it was invented in the Eolithic age.

Herbal Medicine in China

Here is another type of medication in China. A lot of herbal medicine treatments were invented in the Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, there were 1,892 types of herbal medicine. This way is involved with using plants such as roots and rhizome (dried ginger). When people use it, the process is usually called decocting. First, a jar is filled with water and a casserole because the plants used for Chinese medication are usually dry. Before the process, the plant needs to be filled with water for at least a range between one hour and three hours. The range for children of the amount of medication is 200-300 ml and amount range for adults is 400-600 ml. Other plants used include leaf, flower, seeds, and grass.


Chinese massage was first used in the Shang Dynasty. That was the earliest record of massage and relaxed people that have to go through pain. At least 20 ways of Chinese massage were invented in the Northern and Southern dynasties. People found that the power of the massage depends on the strength and direction of your hand. Some of the 20 ways that were invented in the Northern and Southern dynasties are still used today including strand, twiddle, shake, knead, and roll. Chinese massage by blind people is still a fashion because of the great provision and effect while massaging. There are still many other ways to use Chinese massage and most of the ways are still popular, even today.

Places With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine: This museum is the only professional state-level medicine museum in China and is located in Wu Hill, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Providence. It is located where the famous and successful ancient pharmacy called Hu Qing Yu Tang, which was built in 1874 and was called the king of medicine. Because of that, the museum is also called Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum and many tourists come here to explore its success. There are five parts of the museum. They are the Exhibition Hall, the Chinese Health Care Clinic, Restaurant of Medicinal Diet, Medicine Preperation Hall, and the Sales Department. It is still very famous and is very acceptable for tourists to tour there.
The picture above is a small fragment of the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The small segment in the museum is called the Business Hall.