Oil Spills

By: Keila Fulcher

How wildlife is affected by oil spills

The toxic chemicals in oil can harm wild life by ingesting it or physical contact.

What causes oil spills?

Oil spills come from broken human machines that leak oil. The machines usually break from human mistakes or weather disasters. Oil spills can also come from natural oil leaking out of the ground into the ocean.
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2 Main issues with oil spills

-Oil spills harm ocean animals and people drastically.

-Oil spills also damages ocean environments.

Negative effects of oil spills on environment

Oil spills are toxic to ocean animals and their habitats. The oil can kill coral reefs and pollutes the water making it unsafe to drink or even be in.
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Oil spills in North America

Most oil spills that have happened in North America have been near southeastern states such as, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Though, a couple of oil spills have happened near Alaska also.

Wildlife most affected by Oil spills

Oil spills kill more birds than any other species. Birds dive into the ocean frequently to get their food [fish]. In oil spills birds that dive into the water can't fly back up because their wings are soaked with oil. Even if they could get back up they wouldn't survive the toxins from the oil.
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How people are affected by oil spills

The economy is greatly effected by oil spills. Ocean beaches after an oil spill are gross and unattractive to tourists and we're making less money. They also kill the fish so fishermen are out of a business as well as local seafood restaurants.

Oil spills affecting League city

Oil spills won't directly affect League city, but they would cause our restaurants and stores to have a smaller profit because not as many tourists are coming here.

Solutions for oil spills

Some people have come up with clean up solutions for oil spills. Oil filter booms are one of the clean up solutions, they filter out the oil as water goes through them, cleaning the water.

My solution

My solution for preventing oil spills would be to keep all things that contain oil away from the ocean. Now this solution wouldn't be one we could do since we need to use the ocean for transporting supplies by ships. But if could do it then oil spills would be a thing of the past.