Ventures' Gazette

Buy Your Copy on March 22, 2016


The Newspaper will cost 20 Revo. We will be collecting the money for the newspaper on the 22nd of March.


The News section is run by Ella Bender and Sophie Jones. It includes Polotics, Endangered Species, and International Holidays.


The Trivia section is run by Lena Elliott, Caroline Knick, Connor Obrien, and Joe VImalathithan. It includes survey results, fun facts, interviews, and advertizing.


This section is run by Maya Marshel, Sydney Rusin, Sophie Shearman, Gwen Stankiewicz, Kayla Quigly, and Nate Broughton. They will have Bizworld Interviews, CBG Hiliday week, and Realy for Life change, and much much more!


This section is run by Sophia Quader, Ross Bazzichi, Eli Crum, Amanda White, Sara King, and Joseph Foltz. It includes experiments, spooky storiess, jokes, riddles, personality quizes, puzzles, spot the difference, horoscopesmusic, and comics.