Professional Development


iPads--New info!

iPads should be ready the first or second week of school...

New this year--

  • Designated area in the middle and high school with a charging station
  • Elect 2 students to help with the check-in/check-out process
  • Parents have option to purchase an insurance plan in addition to the $40 rental fee
  • All iPads are restored and in Supervised mode
  • Repair request--student-led help desk

iPad Mirroring with Air Server!

New capabilities this year!

Technology Work Orders

We do NOT want you to feel like this..
Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy
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Useful Technology Tools in the Classroom


iPad Apps/Websites--really cool stuff!!

My favorites:

Word Sift

Google Forms


Spelling City


Office Mobile (to edit your Office documents on device)


Project Based Learning

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MDM/Supervised Mode

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Changes to Computer Labs

  • No more usage of labs
  • MAP testing for grades 2-12 will be completed on iPad
  • Grades K and 1 will rotate out to computers
  • Do you want a couple of workstations in your room?

Food for thought...

Did You Know HD 2014 (important)

What does your future look like?

How will be the world in 2020?

One last thought...

The Workforce is Changing rapidly - How Will You Manage?