First Things First

Feb 15-19

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"Once you choose hope, anything is possible." ~Christopher Reeve

School Photo Information:

  • All Pre-K through 3rd grade photos will take place Thursday, February 18. This is a change from the printed calendar.

  • There will be one background (scenic), and they will take both a 3/4 shot and a close-up.
  • There will be no retakes and they will not be coming back for students who are absent on Thursday.

  • Class photos will also be taken at that time.

  • The parents will get photo proofs like last fall, but they will not be in a booklet format. They will then bring in their photos whether they want to order photos or not.

  • There is also a yearbook order pamphlet that will be sent home next week.

If you have any other questions

please contact the

school office.


In Reading next week students will be reading texts that contain the -oo and ue sounds in our Pathways to Reading groups. Students also read How Crayons Are Made. This week's read-alouds are below. Your first grader should be able to tell you a little about each one.
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Spelling Words And Sentences

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Below is a quick way to practice and build math fluency. Students should be able to automatically tell you how many dots are within the ten frame. They should be able to do this without much hesitation. The concept of a ten frame is the foundation for math in the upcoming years and key to developing mental math. Students also have ten frame flashcards at their desk.
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Too easy for your first grader? This video takes it up a notch!
Ten Frame Flash Game (1-10)


Students conducted an experiment after studying how crayons are made.
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The week of February 15-19 is an ORANGE week, specials are as follows:
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