Geeky Grip's

By Lorelai Daniel and Kamar Pearson

Geeky Grips : The best accessory for nerds.

Hey Nerds! There an new product just for you guys, you must come see it. The name is GEEKY GRIPS a course. Plus this special accessory is also for girls to, that right they also have hand-bands.

Come To Our Booth

When you come to our booth. Almost everything will be sold out. So I advise you to come quick. It will look better than you might think it will. Our product will put you in shock. Nerds and girls are definitely welcome, but you can still come if you have glasses and sunglasses. Plus you can give one or two to your siblings.

We are Geeky Grips

Here are some more information for you to use.

Also the face of this person is Lorelai Daniel.