New York

the great colony

why chose us?

We are one of the original 13 colonies, thus we have multiple perks and advantages to living here. There will be rewards as well.

our beginning

We were founded in 1608 by a French mapper by the name of Samuel de Champlain. However, a year later, a Dutch man staked a claim to the land that is now New York as his own, and dubbed it New Netherlands. England was then granted a charter to set up a trade post, which quickly grew in popularity and size. By 1664, the land was eventually surrendered to the English entirely, and was retitled New York, after the Duke of York.


One of the benefits of living in New York is that we accept settlers of all religions. Whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Jew, Puritan, Quaker, Buddhist, etc., they are all acceptable in our community and you should expect little to no persecution. Regardless of your religion you may settle and enjoy New York however you wish.

our climate & geography

We have beautiful climate & landscape. Our climate is ideal for agriculture, as we have mild summers and winters. Although the ground is rocky, the soil is great for farming once it's cleared. And once you've finished your work, you can take a trip up North where our landscape is full of mountains with great views covered in green forest and clear views.

the diversity and the people

A large variety of people from many different backgrounds come to settle in the New York colony. For example, some English Puritans and Separatists came here to settle after they fled to Holland to escape religious prosecution; many other people of different religions and ethnicities arrived, such as from Germany and England. Others still came as indentured servants. Our colony is very open and willing to accept anyone.

our economy

When you come to New York there are many jobs. Some of our residents hold jobs such as printing, clockmaking, barbers, tanners, milliners, dyeing, mending, or you could be in the shipping business if you'd like. If you are interested in farming, there are squash, beans, corn, melons, grapes, apples, peaches, flax, rye, wheat, and tobacco waiting for you. We also have ships, timber, iron, livestock, and fur. If you’re still not interested there is also venison, goose, wild turkey, mutton, raccoon, fish, and oysters.

the government

We have a governor and an elected assembly that is run by the governor and appointed by the king of England. The king makes all the laws, and there is little self-governing, but this is good because you don’t have to worry about any of the laws! The government will do that for you, so you can live a peace-filled and serene life!


Many English people are fearful of coming to the colonies due to Native American relationships. However, we are glad to let anyone know considering New York that we have peaceful relationships with the Native American tribes surrounding our colony. And, we even trade with the Poosputuck/Unkeechaug tribe, Mohegan tribe, Munsee Delaware Tribe, and Lenni Lenape tribe.