Reaching DEEP in the Hearts of Texas Educators and Learners

Thank you for your interest in Great Expectations

Texas Counselors, Administrators and Educators, may I again say, "Thank You", for showing such interest in Great Expectations and our research based best practices. I am extremely excited that several of your colleagues have already shared what they learned with their administrators and meetings are being set as I am composing this message. I would appreciate the opportunity to come to your school/district, and introduce your colleagues to Great Expectations and what it can and will do for them and your learners.

The Great Expectations Methodology is slowly, but surely and effectively, carving a niche in the Texas Educational Landscape, and I'd be honored to help make it's transforming power be yours! In addition, our Texas Representative Team is pleased to inform you that as of yesterday, we have 3 'GE' Methodology Trainings set for this June and July, which will impact 100s of Texas Administrators, Educators and Learners, as well as the communities in which they reside. That being said, we are just touching the tip of the Texas Educational Frontier and are convinced that all of our great state will soon discover and know what 52,000 educators have known for the past 30 years, that GE will 'Transform Lives Through Education'!

So, why wait? Be among the first in South Texas to provide social and academic excellence in education! I will be in your area tomorrow through the 26th, so give me a call, text, or email me today to schedule an appointment. I not only am looking forward to seeing, and getting to know you better, but I'm eagerly anticipating the visit to your school/district and listening to your administrative team's needs and showing you how Great Expectations can help alleviate them.

Anticipating a wonderful collaboration between Great Expectations and your school,

Curt G Parker, Great Expectations South Texas Rep, Instructional Coach, Trainer Curt G Parker 918-931-8909 South Texas Rep, Instructional Coach & Trainer

Reaching deep in the hearts of Texas Educators,

Curt G Parker, GE South Texas Rep, Instructional Coach, Trainer

(918) 931-8909

"Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, call conscience." - George Washington

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