A kangaroo

an Australian animal


1.Kangaroos have long ears.

2.kangaroos have a long snout.

3.kangaroos have big clowrs and hands.

4.Kangaroos have large powerful long legs for jumping.

5.Kangaroos have very large feet.

6.Kangaroos have reddish,brownish coat.

7.kangaroos have long powerful tail for balancing when they jump.


Kangaroos jump they can only jump forward.

Kangaroos jump far because they are big.


The kangaroo feeds there baby joey by it's mothers milk.

Baby kangaroos have to go in there mothers pouch then they can drink it's mother's milk.


wallaroos live in all 6 states.

Eastern grey kangaroos live in 3 states.

Red kangaroos live in 5 states.

whiptail wallabies live in 2 states.

western grey kangaroos live in 5 states.

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