Join our Viking Voyage

By: Nicholas Brorman and Chloe Lemley

Where will we be traveling?

We are going to be boarding a ship to travel to Ireland to plunder from their monasteries. We have reason to believe that very valuable items are kept in these buildings.

How Long Will it take?

Our journey to Ireland and back will take 6 months overall. The rewards will be worth the wait!

What time of year is it?

Our ship will embark on the journey toward the end of summer. It will not be scorching hot nor will it be cold.

Who can join our voyage?

Only those with extreme courage, durability, and skill should consider joining. Any one who wants to join should have a sharp sword, sturdy shield, and good armor.

What treasures await us?

The Irish monasteries have been known to have much treasures within their walls such as Monks that can be traded as slaves, ancient artifacts that are worth their weight in gold, and many other items that can be traded for a high price!