Power or Destruction?

By Jennifer Ramirez

Who are these people?

The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist group that took power in Afghanistan in 1996, They are characterized as holy warriors or freedom fighters and became an Islamic group that formed during the Afghanistan civil war against the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of Soviet forces, the Soviet backed government lost ground to the Majuhideen leaving the Taliban to come in power and in control of 90% of the country's territory. The Taliban victories revived hopes that once again the Pashtuns would dominate Afghanistan. Many of their members were former Majuhideen fighters who had been trained in Pakistan during Afghanistan civil war in the '80's and '90's.They came together with the goal of making Afghanistan and Islamic state.

Who is in charge?

Most of the leadership of the Taliban is believed to operate from Pakistan in where Mullah Mohammed Omar is known to be one of the leaders during the 1990's he is the group's chief organizer but after the 9/11 attacks it was believed that Omar had to deal with the destruction and attacks towards the US but failed to capture him but he managed to escape to the frontier territories of Pakistan, it is still believed that he still leads the Taliban and his whereabouts is unknown.
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Afghanistan under the Taliban


Although their polices, including their treatment on women and support of terrorist characterized and ostracized from the world. Under the orders of Mullah Muhammad Omar very strictly enforced a interpretation of the Sharia, or Islamic Law. Many regulations were enforced into people's daily and anyone failing to comply with any regulations given punishments can be applied. Some of the laws that that have been passed under the Islamic State have affected men but have mainly impacted women to the point that they are required to cover themselves completely, These laws were ordered to root out non-Islamic influence. Some regulations have been strictly banned, they include:

  • Men are required to wear beards
  • Kite flying/fighting is no longer legal
  • Television, music, and internet were banned

Women although have more restrictions simply because they are women

  • Banned women right to work outside of home including any women with a degree or that had an education before, Only a few women are allowed to work at the same hospitals
  • Banned from leaving the house without a male chaperon
  • Banned women from being involved in Politics or speaking publicity
  • Banned women from going to school or receiving any education
  • Banned of the use of cosmetics
  • Banned on women from receiving medical assistance from a male doctor
  • Banned on women laughing loudly
  • Women are required to wear a burka that covers their whole skin

And these are some of the many laws that Afghan women have to face and live with.


In 2001 the Taliban was overthrown by the U.S. military and Afghan opposition forces in response to the 9/11 terrorists attack on the U.S. Which lead the U.S. to become aware of the Taliban and blamed them in giving sanctuary to Osama Bin laden and for the destruction of the twin towers.

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The kite runner "novel"

In the novel The Kite Runner explains the treatment and the power that the Taliban has over Afghanistan in pg 174 Rahim khan is informing Amir of the experience he had with the Taliban he states "They don’t let you be human... and by the way the players weren't allowed to wear shorts.Indecent exposure, I guess... Kabul scored a goal

and the man next to me cheered loudly. Suddenly this young bearded fellow who

was patrolling the aisles, eighteen years old at most by the look of him, he

walked up to me and struck me on the forehead with the butt of his Kalashnikov.

‘Do that again and I’ll cut out your tongue, you old donkey!’ he said.”. This relates to the Taliban power that they had over Afghanistan this men was hit in the head because of how loudly he was a soccer game.