Campus Reading Initiative

Warren Middle School

Program Overview

The purpose of the Warren Middle School Reading Initiative Program is to create a campus environment that nurtures a love for literacy and instills the value of education and reading in all students. We strive to establish a campus-wide routine of reading for pleasure that will build a solid foundation and good reading habits for all students. The incorporation of print books, eBooks and digital audiobooks enables students from a variety of reading levels to participate in our program. We have also included library programs such as the BREAKFAST BOOK CLUB and the READ ALOUD LUNCH to boost student participation.

Our program goals are:

  • Establish an environment that fosters a love for literacy and learning
  • Create lifelong learners
  • Instill good reading habits in all students, regardless of their reading level
  • Provide literature to students through a variety of media
  • Improve yearly student growth in reading
  • Increase the number of students who meet or exceed proficiency on state assessments in all content areas
Book Review Form

Tell me about your book! Click here to complete a book review form.

Program Incentives

Students are required to fill out a BOOK REVIEW FORM for each book they read @

  • 5 books = FREE poster pick from Book Fair

  • 8 books = FREE paperback pick from Book Fair

  • 10 books = FREE spirit shirt

  • 15 books = End of the year pizza party

  • 20 books = TRIP TO SIX FLAGS