6-12 Getting Started Guide


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Message from the principal

We are so excited to meet you and join together as a community of learners! I'd like to thank you for your patience during the surge of enrollments and all the changes.

I am hopeful that, as guidance from the state and district allow, I will be able to greet you face to face for some in-person learning experiences here at our location.

Welcome to the FLEX family!

Paul Ottum (Mr. O)

FLEX Online School Information

Main Website

Tech support page

Main office telephone: 503-356-3720

Follow the prompts for the main office or attendance reporting voicemail.
Voicemails can be left on school phones and will be checked throughout the day.

Remote office hours: 8:00am-4:00pm
In-person office hours: by appointment only

Location: Tumwater Middle School - 650 NW 118th Ave. Portland, OR 97229

You can also email us at flex-online-school@beaverton.k12.or.us

A/B Days

Students alternate between A and B days here at FLEX Online.

The full year's calendar of A/B days can be found HERE.

You need to login to your A day classes on A days, and B day classes on B days.

To find your class list for 1st semester, log into StudentVUE or ParentVUE . Then use the schedule below to figure out which day to complete work in for attendance, and when to attend help sessions and Advisory.

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Daily Help Session Schedule

Please attend Advisory! It's more than just a help session. It's your only synchronous class. They happen on B-Days and are a time to connect with your class & teacher, get important updates, tips on being an online student, and complete district required lessons.

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Teachers will take attendance each day. In order for your student to be marked "here", they must log into Canvas at some time before 3:00pm on that day for every A-day class on A days, and every B-day class on B days.

We understand that there are activities outside of Canvas that your student might be engaging in for school, however, for our records we require a Canvas log in.

If your student is going to be absent, please call 503-356-3720 and wait for attendance voicemail prompt, or email flex-online-school@beaverton.k12.or.us

If you receive an absence notification, first determine which class it’s for (in ParentVUE or StudentVUE under "Attendance"), then the student or parent can email/message the teacher.

Click here for a video about attendance: https://youtu.be/LHfTVJ69deo

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Video Meeting Tips

We will be using Zoom for our live class meetings this year. Please watch the video below if you need help with logging into your Zoom account with your BSD username and password.
Logging into Zoom using SSO for students
  • Watch the video above for how to sign into Zoom (do this before clicking on a meeting link)

  • Only have 1 Zoom window open at a time

  • Limit how many other internet tabs you have open while in a Zoom meeting

  • If your screen freezes when the teacher is sharing their screen, turn off your camera

All students will use Canvas

Canvas is our learning management system where students can see their assignments, manage due dates on a calendar, turn in assignments, message with teachers and see graded work and feedback.

The parent/guardian account is an 'observer' account which gives access to the student's courses, student calendar and access to grades & feedback from teachers. Parents have their own inbox where they can message with any teacher associated with a course their student is enrolled in.

Please follow the directions on the district Canvas page to set up your account if you have not.

Videos to help get started:

Logging in on a Chromebook or computer

Using the Calendar

Sending messages through Canvas Inbox

Changing Settings, Notifications and Language

For more in depth information about Canvas there is a Parent Course created by our district Canvas Facilitator linked below.

Schedule for Success

With FLEX, your school schedule can be whatever best fits your family! We have seen this work beautifully for many families already! Some tips for success when planning your school schedule are listed below:

  • Make a schedule, adjust as necessary but, try to keep it consistent. It can be easy to think “We’ll just fit it in where we can”, unfortunately; this often leads to inconsistency, which makes it hard for students to stay engaged and focused.

  • A graphic organizer or visual schedule can be very helpful. In a classroom, the teacher manages a lot of the executive functioning and transitions from one activity to the next. Students may need your support in this.

  • Set clear expectations.

  • Consider what is developmentally appropriate for your student. As adults, we may think, “Let’s just whip through these lessons”, but it is normal for children to struggle with focus. Setting a timer and scheduling movement breaks throughout the day is important. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • REACH OUT. If you are struggling to find a schedule that works for you or are encountering other barriers, please reach out to your student’s teacher or school counselor. We are more than happy to help! We can work with you and share ideas that have worked for other families and students.


Much of the curriculum used by the 6-12th grade teachers is Apex and EDynamic Learning. Access to this content is through Canvas which means students do not need any additional username or password information to view instruction.

From the modules section of each course, students can click into lessons and the Apex content will open within the Canvas window. You may see a blue log in screen flash on the screen as the Apex information loads. You do not need to log into Apex.

First Week of School Q&A Sessions

We hosted a live Q & A session during the first week of school. Click below for a recording:

(Click here for the video)

Click Here for a summary of questions and answers from the Q&A session on Wednesday September 8, 2021.

K-2 families (watch from the start up to minute 30:48)
3-5 families (click here to jump to minute 30:49, please watch until 59:38)
6-8 families (click here to jump to minute 59:39, please watch until 1:29:05)
9-12 families (click here to jump to minute 1:29:05 - end)

Staying on Track

Learning Coaches, students and teachers will work as a team to make sure that learning is progressing.

Where do I see how my student is doing?

  • Canvas calendar will show you what is due (with assignment details)
  • Canvas gradebook has grades and feedback from teachers
  • Emails and phone calls with teachers
  • ParentVue will have progress report grades

It may be helpful for students to have a planner or calendar to track daily tasks for longer assignments or to plan out their learning day.

Setting Up a Learning Space

Please help your student find a designated learning space.
- YouTube

Contacting Teachers

We expect that students will be communicating regularly with their teachers and school staff. Below are the best ways to do so:

  • Canvas Inbox

  • Email

  • Schedule a phone or video call

Device or Tech Issues

Find technology support on our website: https://flex.beaverton.k12.or.us/connect/tech-support

The fastest way to get help with an iPad or Chromebook issue is to email our support email: flex-support@beaverton.k12.or.us

In your email please include the student's first and last name, student ID#, grade level, and specifics about the issue. If possible, sending screenshots or videos of the issue can help us troubleshoot faster.

Please write your passwords down and keep it near your school/learning space.

  • You can see your student's original password in ParentVUE under "Student Information" at the very bottom.

  • If your child has ever changed their password it will NOT update here.

Find Username and Password in ParentVue

Meal Benefits

Families can sign up to receive free breakfast and lunch this year.

FLEX students can receive a week's worth of meals each Wednesday. For more details and to sign up, please visit the website below. (Scroll down for a section titled FLEX Online School.)