By: Evan Josten

Earthquake PBL

In this project, we had to create an earthquake safe house, somewhere in California. We were given the following driving question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? My group had to use this question to build Tony a new home. Through trial and error, our group learned that you can never give up, and that we have to use our resources to our advantage.

30 Hands

In our 30 Hands project, we had to find information about fossil climate change and global warming. We then had to write a script about our information, answering the questions on the script. We made Pic Collages as a visual for the info, and we put the Collages in 30 Hands, and did a voice over of our script. This project helped my peers and I learn more about how climate change is caused, and what it does to Earth.

30 Hands Project

Invention Convention

The invention I created is called "Wind-Wheels". It is a wind powered car. Much of the world's pollution is caused by emissions from cars, and my invention works to solve this problem. Wind is a renewable resource, it does not pollute,and it free once the proper materials to construct a turbine are purchased. Wind-Wheels uses wind, so all of traits wind energy has, applies to it. How does it work, you might be wondering. Well, it is very simple; wind turns a turbine, which turns the generator, which then converts motion energy into electrical energy, which turns the axels, and gets the car going.