Summer of My German Soldier

by Bette Greene


A Jewish girl named patty falls in love with a German soldier named Anton and after he eascapes from prison she protects him. After a couple days her maid named Ruth finds out about this and helps her. Her maid helps her feed him. He hides in a shelter above the garage. He later leaves and goes to New York City to leave the country.


I think the theme is help doesn't last forever because in the book she helps a German soldier and eventually he leaves her. Later her maid is fired and she doesn't get help. She helped the solider by feeding him. Her maid gave her food. Her maid also helped her sister.


Pow camps are camps that have prisoners of war. The people in the camps are treated poorly. The people also have to work in poor conditions . Few prisoners know English. They get little food. They have guards to make sure they don't run away. 46 POWs died. 80 people escaped and were recaptured. After the war anyone who was not hospitalized or in prison was sent home.

What's alike and different

In the book there is a pow camp in Arkansas when most of them are in Oklahoma. In the book and real life they were treated poorly. In the book and real life they worked on farms. In the book and real life they ate little. In the book they had a small camp while most are large.


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