Croydon Past And Present

By Sabrina.K and Genevieve.K

The Aboriginal History

The first inhabitants of Croydon were the Wangal People of the Dharug Nation. For food, they hunted. They didn't have supermarkets! The men hunted and fished while the women gathered. The men made canoes out of dead tree bark and used it to fish. Men sharpened stones for tools and weapons. The women gathered berries, fruit, vegetables and grubs in woven baskets. After some time, they would set fire to that part of the forest to let things grow back again. The Wangal people used animal skin for clothing. They lived in natural shelters. The materials thay used were leaves, bark and sticks.

Aborigine Past

Australian Aborigines

The Arrival Of The Settlers

The first settlers were the Europeons and British poeple. When they arrived they found a dense forest. The first resident of Croydon was John Townson. The first woman resident was Sarah Nelson. Many people came to 'New Holland' for work opportunities for their work in Brian/Europe were taken over by machines. The clothes they wore sewn and was made out of material. The houses they lived in were made out of wooden planks. the settlers found Croydon a great place to settle because the land was flat and good for farming.

The First Fleet

First Fleet Landing 1788.

Croydon and it's major events

Croydon has had many major events in the past. For example, in 1788, Captian Authur Phillip and the first fleet began the the colony in Sydney. This is important because if they didn't colonise Croydon, we wouldn't be here! In 1791, Parrramatta Road was built. This was important because this was the road that connected Parramatta (and all the suburbs on the way) to the city. 1873, was the start of brick pits. This is important because now the houses were waterproof and more duable. In 1875, Five Dock Train Station was opened

(A.K.A Croydon Station). This was more conveniant for the residents (without cars) to get to the city. In 1884, Croydon Public School was opened. This helped children get education.

Croydon Here And Now

Croydon is a modern suburb with a population of 8,786. There are 4,532 women and 4,254 men. More than half of Croydon's population are born in Australia. There are a total of 3,913 non-english speaking people in Croydon and 4,314 english speaking people. Before Croydon used to be a dense forest but when the British/European people started to colonise Croydon, EVERYTHING changed.The forest was cut down and building were built.