Elisha Ecker

November 11, 1998

Quotes That I Live By

"Truth is a Light and a Flame." - Unknown

"Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you." - Benjamin Franklin

About Myself

My name is Elisha. I can be described with a plethora of words. I am a devoted Christian and Conservative. I was born in Frederick, Maryland. I moved to South Carolina when I was four years of age, the only home I know. My parents also divorced when I four, it never really affected me. As time went on, I realized it was for the better. I am the youngest of three children, I have an older brother and sister. My influences are my environment and the individuals I meet.

My Characteristics


I have always been outspoken about my beliefs. I always share my opinions on Twitter, though not everyone agrees with me. Some say "You are Wrong," or they simply insult. No matter what people say, I hold my beliefs.


I'm always honest with people. It is better to have people trust you, rather than think you will deceive them. Ask any of my friends. If they ask me a question, I will give an honest answer, I would rather hurt them with the truth than to comfort them with a lie.

Hobbies and Activites

I am a very boring person. When I get home from school, I listen to music, watch television, read, tweet, text, and I mostly sleep.