Trip to Hawaii

by:Heath Truett

My Dream Vacation.

For my Dream vacation I would like to go to Hawaii. Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is a 8 hour and 3 min trip by plane. It is 3784 miles from Willis TX. I will fly first class and stay for two weeks. I hope to take my friends with me. The main reason I want to go there is to have fun and learn how to really surf. I want to visit the North Shore of Oahu. it is known for great surfing waves. I would love to see a tube wave first hand. While I'm there I would like to check out some of the sea turtles in their natural habitat and take surf lessons.
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Waikiki Beach

I also want to go to the famous Waikiki Beach to snorkel and surf. These beaches are as long a 1.5 miles. It would also be fun to visit the waikiki zoo and aquarium.snorkel is a great way to spend time with the family. Another great way to spend time at the beach is surfing. Surfing is super fun. There is nothing like actually riding a wave. Historically surfing was a sport for Hawaiian royalty. It was called "Sport of the KIngs." Today anyone can try this sport.

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Haleakala National Park & Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park

I like to be adventurous' so I will want to go to the Haleakala National Park. I can hike, camp and visit waterfalls. I also want to go to Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park. You can take a helicopter ride and see the volcanoes of Hawaii. I want to see a lava river. The Hawaiian islands were formed from Volcanoes as they erupted.

Dole Pineapple Plantation

I like to eat pineapples so I would like to visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation. That is where Dole Pineapples are grown. I could go through the pineapple maze, get a tour of the plantation and learn how pineapples grow.
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USS Arizona Memorial

Of course while I am there I want to do some sight seeing. One thing to see is the USS Arizona Memorial. That is very cool because it is one of the sunken battle ships of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I love history and would love to experience that first hand. Pearl Harbor is called Pearl Harbor because of all the pearls that were once found there.
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I plan to stay at the Hilton on Waikiki Beach for $179.00 a night. A two week stay would be $2,506. My airfare would be 1,640.00. I plan to spend a $100 a day to eat. I like to eat, but don't need to eat fancy. I can find cheeseburgers and hotdogs anywhere. I don't like to shop so the only spending money I need is for adventures and surfing lessons. I might need to rent a car while I am there. I plan to have $1,000 for my adventures. The total cost for my trip would be 6,546.00. I better start saving now!