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This is the set of experiences that a customer has with a brand during the time in which there is a service relationship. If it is better the greater the likelihood of increasing customer retention, generating new leads, increasing the average ticket, etc. Today it can be said that the ability of a brand to deliver a good to its customers constitutes per se a competitive advantage. Your customers have an experience of the services or products you offer, whether you like it or not, whether you are aware of it or not. Sometimes that customer experience can be good, regular or bad, it is your decision to determine if you will take actions to improve it, what is true is that as we mentioned above, all brands are already doing it. This can be complicated at the beginning because it involves the emotion, perception, and behavior of a large number of people with different tastes and thoughts.

Your clients may not behave in the way you are expecting, however, your brand cannot simply give up; on the contrary, they need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best when planning the user experience. The customers have to give their positive feedback so as to get sweepstakes. After submitting the Krogerfeedback the customers have a chance to win sweepstakes. After submitting the survey the users have the chance to win rewards, gift vouchers, purchase grocery items in the grocery store. These earned rewards can be redeemed at any grocery store.

How to measure customer experience?

To measure it requires more than a metric such as "customer satisfaction: positive." As the owner or manager of a brand's, you need to go deeper and establish KPIs (key performance indicators) that help you determine how each point of interaction between your brand and the customer contributes to the overall customer experience of your product or service

Do you want to measure the customer experience in real-time? Know everything that QuestionPro software offers you. Contrary to what you might think, it does not start and end when one of your customers visits your store or makes a purchase on your website. It starts from the moment when a consumer knows the brand for the first time and extends beyond customer loyalty calls.Each of the experiences of a client is composed of a number of interactions or "points of contact" that are had with a consumer, each of them should be measured independently to determine the contribution of each interaction with the overall. In this way, you can clearly establish those interactions that produce a bad customer experience and work with them in order to improve the indicator.

A common example when we talk about it can be seen in the aviation industry. The quality of a trip with an airline depends on the combination of the experiences that a client had throughout the service. If any of these interactions fails, the overall perception of customer service quality is diminished. The most difficult part of any business is to identify when and where the customer experience begins and ends.A point of contact is any interaction or encounter that a customer has that helps define the perception of your brand, product or service. Intentional contact points (such as advertising on Google) or unintentional (such as a mention to the service via twitter) may be presented. Unintentional interactions are often the ones that matter most. For example, when a user searches for information about your product or service on Google or searches on Twitter about your brand, it is very likely that being an unintentional interaction, the customer is more confident than when, for example, he visits your establishment.

Here is an example of contact points or interactions so that you can fully understand the concept. Taking the example of an airline, consider how the contact points associated with a new route impacts the experience at a point of sale: In this way, I hope you have been able to observe the importance of measuring each of the contact points or interactions we have with customers. Remember that obtaining positive feedback is vital to provide a better service. In QuestionPro we can help you easily create an online customer experience survey and get the positive feedback you are looking for.