informational Writing 2016

Table of contents

  1. All About the Causes of the American Revolution
  2. Focus Topic on Paul Revere
  3. Mini Story on Paul Revere
  4. Essay: Why Paul Revere is important
  5. All About: George Washington
  6. Essay: George Washington a Leader

Chapter 1: All About the American Revolution

Do you know how the American Revolution started? In this chapter you will explore how it started. You will learn about the French and Indian War, the taxes and acts, the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party.

The first cause leading up the the Revolutionary War was the French and Indian War. Even though Great Britain and the colonists won the war, Great Britain was being selfish and the colonists got mad because they won the war, The British Parliament said they couldn't live on the new land. This was another reason that Great Britain was taking control of the colonists.

Why are the all the acts and taxes so important? The colonists had no say about the taxes and acts. King George III led all of the taxes and acts. The colonists were getting upset because they had no say. And some of these acts were the Quartering Act, the Tea Act, the Sugar Act, and the Stamp Act. The Quartering Act meant that the redcoats got to stay in the colonists houses and the colonists were very mad and angry about this. They had no say! If they said something, they would go to jail or get hung! Then they had the Tea Act. That meant that the colonists were tired of King George's taxes on tea. So the colonists dressed up as Native Americans and threw the crates of tea into the Boston Harbor as the other colonists cheered them on.

Another reason the American Revolution started was the Boston Massacre. How it started: The Patriots were taunting the redcoats and the Patriots were starting to throw snowballs and sticks at them. Then... someone yelled, "Fire!" and no-one knew who it was. The redcoats thought it was an order from their commander so they started to shoot. So 5 colonists were killed and 9 were injured.

The Boston Tea Party was another reason why the Revolutionary War started. The colonists were angry that they had to pay taxes on tea. They showed their anger when they shut down the harbor. The colonists couldn't buy tea from the settlers, they had to buy it from King George III. This caused the Sons of Liberty to dress up as Native Americans and smash open 342 chests of tea and dump it into the Boston Harbor. After they cleaned the ships from all the mess of tea.

The taxes, acts, the French and Indian War and the Boston Tea Party were many events that caused the start of the Revolutionary War.

Chapter 2: Paul Revere Focus Topic

Paul Revere became a member of the Son's of Liberty because he was tired of King George's taxes and he was a patriot who wanted to help the colonist be free from British rules.

The Boston Tea Party

Paul was a leader in the protest. Paul and his fellow colonist were tired of King George's taxes , especially the tea tax. Paul Revere participated in the Boston Tea Party, dumped the tea overboard and dressed up as a Native American.

Secret Agent

Paul just didn't dump tea overboard he also gave up his Silversmith job to be a Secret Agent. He also spied on the Redcoats and wanted to learn the British plan.

The redcoats saw him spying in a canoe and they arrested him and put him in jail for 2 days.

The Midnight Ride

The famous midnight ride was what Paul Revere was famous for. Paul save the colonist from the redcoats by yelling to the colonists, "The redcoats are coming!" He road on his horse, Paul had very little time because the redcoats were on their way. First he went to the North church tower to tell the colonist the kind of way the redcoats are coming by. If there were two lanterns in the church that meant the redcoat are coming by sea. He rode to Lexington to warn John Hancock and Sam Adams that the redcoats were coming to take the weapons and capture them. On his way to Lexington he road right into a trap and the redcoats took his horse and he had to go to Lexington on foot.

Paul Revere was important to the events that led up the American Revolution because he was a Sons of Liberty, a secret agent and most importantly he went on the Midnight ride to warn the colonist the redcoats were coming.

Chapter 3: Paul Revere Mini story

One April 18, 1775 I was sneaking pass the British ships and I wrapped my ores so the British didn't hear my ores making a sound as I was sneaking pass the British quiet as a mouse then I looked over and I saw my horse. "HAZA!" I yelled as I was in a rush to get to my horse. "Come on buddy Ya, Ya!" Later that night as I was going to warn my friends before the redcoats captured John Hancock and Samuel Adams. I had a little time that night, I was finally at their door. I was banging at their door and saying let me in. After awhile they opened the door. "What is it", they shouted. "The redcoats are coming to capture you guys", as I got back on my horse. I was going to help the minutemen get free from Britain as I was going I went into the woods. I heard somebody, I hope I don't get caught and I did...

Chapter 4: Essay

Paul Revere was an important leader in the events leading up to the war because he was a secret agent, he was a member of Sons of Liberty, and most of all the midnight ride.

One reason that Paul Revere was an important leader in the events leading up to the war is that he was a secret agent. For an example he spied on the redcoats to learn their plan this is important because he was trying to protect the patriots from the redcoat that were trying to capture them. To add on he risked his life to sneak past the British ships to warn the colonist that the redcoats are coming to capture them and take their weapons.

Another reason that Paul Revere was an important leader in the events leading up to the war is that he was a member of The Sons Of Liberty. He became a

member of Sons of Liberty because he wanted to help the colonist and the patriots be free from British rule.

My final reason Paul Revere was an important leader in the events leading up to the war is that he went on his midnight ride. My evidence to support that his ride was important is because he went to warn the patriots and the colonist and especially John Hancock and Sam Adams that the redcoats are coming!

Now do you do a lot of important details on how Paul Revere was an important person leading up to the American Revolution?

Chapter 5: A Hero of Bunker Hill

Did you know George Washington was a hero of the battle of Bunker hill ?

His involvement:

George Washington was one of the best generals. What made him a good general is that he made his soldiers strong to flight and kill their enemies. He made his soldiers strong enough to win many battles and what made him get many soldiers is that he recruited them. So now do you know a little bit more about his involvement in the battle? It made him a hero!

How he was a leader:

You may think George Washington was only a president but that is not all. He was a great leader. For example, he was a great planner and was organized. Also, he never gave up and had bright ideas. An example that shows this is he had his army throw rocks and sticks when they ran out of bullets. Many people think George Washington was a great president but I also think he was a great leader in the war.

Continental Army

What people need to know is that George Washington helped the Continental army on Bunker Hill. For example, when the army was in trouble he helped them. Another example is that George Washington helped the Continental Army kill the redcoats. An example that shows that is the British had too many soldiers and he always came up with an idea like how to retreat.

Now you know more about why George Washington was a great general.

Chapter 6: Essay on George Washington

Did you ever know George Washington was a good leader of the Continental Army?

He was a great leader because he's got good experiences, he never gave up, and he inspired his soldiers and most importantly he had good plans.

One reason George Washington was a good leader of the Continental army is that he had good experience. My evidence to support this reason is he fought in many battles such as the French and Indian war and he knew how to use weapons , and when they ran out of

bullets he thought of something else to use and he believed in his soldiers also he came up with plans every time they where in trouble.

Now do you know why George Washington was a good leader of the Continental army?


Boston Tea Party: an event where the colonist were tired of the British taxing them on tea. They dumped tea overboard into the harbor to protest the tax.

Colonist: A person who lived in the thirteen colonies in America

Patriot: someone who fights for freedom. They wanted to be free from King George III.

Redcoat: A redcoat is a British solger.

Silversmith: someone who makes things out of silver.

Sons of Liberty: A group of leaders who wanted to be free from British taxes and rule. Paul Revere, John Hancock and Sam Adams were Sons of Liberty. They helped organize the American Revolution.

Tea tax: King George taxed the colonist favorite drink