The President's Post

January 2017

Cuba Mission

I begin this post from the country of Cuba, ninety miles off the coast of America where you enter a different world. I've spent my time each day going out and meeting with our presenters at their evangelistic sites. We made sure each presenter was doing well, we offered prayer, and encouragement. There were a few mishaps along the way, we had to see to a dog bite, a headache and a fever, loneliness, and heat issues. (The temperature has been in the mid 80's since we arrived) This is a mission field after all. As of right now everyone has recovered just fine and is doing a remarkable job of preaching the Gospel. We have seasoned pastors and experienced laymen; we have a young lady with us who was only baptized in February of 2016. She told me, along with many others, that this has been the thrill of their lives!

We have chosen to stay with the Cuban people instead of going to a hotel. We eat and sleep in their homes. We fellowship with them and have made some new friends. (Some of the hosts tell us we have joined their family!) Let me just say a few words about eating here: each day we are served fresh fruit such as papaya, pineapple, guava and fresh bread from the neighboring bakery. Their staple diet includes some of the best rice and beans in the world. The tomatoes they have taste like real tomatoes and the same can be said for their cucumbers; their carrots are also very sweet as well. I can honestly say that each meal has been a feast.

In a few of the sites the evangelistic series are held in independent buildings that have been built to serve as churches, but the vast majority of the meetings are held in rooms connected to homes. Some rooms are quite large while others hold about 30-40 people. Because of the law that no independent churches can now be built this is the best they can do. But does it ever work! Each site has been packed to capacity! Many sites even have people looking in through the doors and windows. It's a thrill to find people hungry for the gospel.

Together we have so far baptized 100 souls. Hundreds more have come forward accepting Jesus as their Savior. Many of those new believers are now studying and committing themselves to make Jesus their Lord and King. It's humbling to see just how much the believers here love one another; and how they have gone out of their way to be kind and considerate to us as well. Coming to Cuba has made me want to be a better Christian. I love being here. I’m looking forward to another mission trip in the future. Please know that we will always have room for more believers to attend. If you feel the Lord moving on your heart to join us, don’t hesitate and get involved!

Until next time, may God bless you as we begin a brand New Year.

Dave Livermore, President

Gulf States Conference

Cuba Multi-site Mission Trip

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Conference News

The first Camp Meeting/ Convocation will be coming to Camp Alamisco on April 7th & 8th 2017. Our guest speaker will be Pastor Mike Tucker from the Quiet Hour. Pastor Tucker lost his wife in 2016 , together they have done some of the best marriage and counseling events to date. He is a Christ filled man who has lots to share with us. We also have coming to Alamisco Steven Mosley who will present to us a dramatic presentation called the "Chosen Garments". We have a great team coming down to share with our children and young adults in that of Destiny Works Productions. Please make plans to attend. You'll find a registration form in the last issue of GSC Today.

Then on May 24-27th we will be worshiping at BASS Memorial Academy for the second portion of our Camp Meeting. Beginning on that Wednesday and Thursday evening we will have Elder Jim Gilley who has served his Lord in many positions, but we will probably remember him best for his time as president of 3ABN. Our main speaker over the weekend will be Dr. Joseph Kidder from Andrews Seminary. Destiny Works will be taking over again for the youth, and we will also have the same team of Sabbath School teachers coming for the entire camp meeting. Please think of these Camp Meeting events as a time for recommitting ourselves to Jesus and to the work he has entrusted us with. For some of us that means taking back what we might have lost, and for others it means finding the Savior for the first time. Again the registration form is in the latest issue of GSC Today or call the office to ask for more information.