Should abortion be illegal?

Jennifer Diaz

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be very difficult however, abortion should not be legalized because no one should have the right to decide who lives and who dies. Only god is allowed to. Abortion leads to mental illnesses that lead to suicidal thoughts, but the ones who are truly in risk for it are teen girls.

Reason Number 1

Judie Brown, is strongly against abortion. In her article “All Abortions Should Be Illegal” she mentions that “Permitting abortion for fetal deformities translates to the theory that some lives are not worth living, and no one has the right to say which individual is not worthy of life” which means that allowing females to take the innocent life of a creature developing inside them is taking the right of the child to be born and no one should be allow to decide who live and who dies. The author Judie Brown, believes that the only one who is allowed to take the life of someone is not one itself, not another human being, but god.

Abortion is just as bad as holding the gun, and pulling the trigger. Don't end a life that has starred it. Never blame a baby for your mistake. A baby is a blessing not a choice.
Abortion is Wrong

Reason Number 2

Having an abortion can lead to depression and other mental illness. Teen girls run the risk of having suicidal thoughts more than older females because of their thinking. According to the article Silent No More Awareness Kathy testified that she took her friend to an abortion center.

"I drove her to the abortion facility three hours away. I was not permitted to go inside with her so I had to leave her to face this horrible ordeal alone. I felt guilty and helpless. I felt weak when she needed me to be strong. I was ashamed for my lack of courage to do the right thing."

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Reason Number 3

For many years abortion has been a topic that many people debate about. It has it's pros and cons depending on how you view things, but how would you feel waking up every morning knowing that you ended an innocents life. How would you feel knowing that you ended with the possibility of giving this world a new doctor, lawyer or even a dentist. Don't end with a baby's life it is a blessing, not a choice.