Water Pollution

water pollution in the u.s.

The United States has one of the safest public drinking water supplies in the world. Over 286 million Americans get their tap water from a community water system.

Russia Pollution

in Russia. Water pollution, air pollution, and hazardous, toxic and nuclear waste reduction are top of mind for these consumers.


Polluted runoff is caused by rainfall and snow melt moving over and through the ground that, picks up and carries with it natural and human-made pollutants, depositing them into lakes, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters, and even our underground sources of drinking water.

Gulf of mexico oil spill of 2010

During a disaster, people may worry that the food they eat could be contaminated. To make sure the food supply is protected, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are monitoring the oil spill and its potential impact on the safety of seafood harvested from the area. CDC is in constant communication with these agencies.Should a health concern arise, CDC will work quickly with other federal and state agencies to make sure the public is informed.

Water tasting

Even though our tap water supplies are considered to be one of the safest in the world, water contamination can still occur. There are many sources of contamination.

Clean water act of 1977

The Clean Water Act of 1977 has promised of the clean water for the American people.We have maintained the policy that the public must be protected from cancer-causing pollutants and other toxic poisons.

help our world by recycling

If you recycle you are helping our world stay green and healthy. some ways to keep our world healthy and safe is by recycling and not throwing our garbage in our water supply, also by making sure were not polluting our rivers and oceans by dumping toxic waste in to the water supplies.