Preschool News


This Week

This week, we talked about plants. We learned what a plant was, what it needed in order to grow, and learned the parts. We planted grass, created projects that showed what a plant needed to grow, and built a flower out of real and fake flower parts. We have both projects hanging outside of our classroom; the kiddos were so excited to show everyone. We also kept the dirt and flower in the sensory table, and continued having a flower shop in the dramatic play center. Next week, we are going to focus on the importance of plants and what we get from them. Also, we are walking to the greenhouse on Tuesday to plant flowers; when we are done, we are going to stop by the Diary Shoppe for a special treat. :)

We reviewed our letters by playing a few different review games, and then played math games working on our quantifying skills.

This and That

Important Dates:

May 17: Greenhouse and Diary Shoppe Field trip

May 17: Letter R Rockstar Day: Dress up like a rockstar

May 18: Letter S Superhero Day: Dress up like your favorite Superhero

May 19: Letter T Tongue Twister Day

May 20: Carnival in the afternoon (1:30-2:30)

May 20: Letter U Unhealthy Snack Day: Bring an unhealthy snack to school

May 27: Last day of school!!! :)