Stephen F. Austin University

By: Brooke H.

Would you want to come to this amazing school?

The collage is located in Nacogdoches Texas. The school is public so don't worry. Public schools have more people then private schools do, but if you want multiple friends then i think you should come to this collage. get a degree here and you already got most everything you need. The colors are purple and white and if you go to this collage you will get your collage sweatshirts for less money than people who don't go to the collage and just like it.
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As you see For short it is called SFA

Stephan F. Austin University can get loud!

This motto will get everyone going and ready to get loud before a game, test or something big coming up.

This is the motto-"Striving For Personal Excellence In Everything That We Do"

You have Requirements:

Requirements to attend:

If you live in Texas you don't have to pay as much money to attend the collage. $22904 for residents. $34484 for people non- resident.

4188 for the ACT

1468 for the SAT


SAT SCORES=Reading-491



Other Things:

Popular Major: Business Administration, Management, Nursing, Human Develop and Family Studies, ect.

Room and Board: $8,868 of campus and on campus. It is the same amount no madder what.

Undergraduate: 11,024 is the enrollment size.

Graduate: 1,777 is the enrollment size.

Sports: Soccer, football,basketball, ect.

Activities: bowling, playing with friends, free things on the campus, ect.

Facts: The campus all together is 417.6 acres. There are 3,301 majors. They will give out big awards like $600,000 awarded to 650 students in a drawing or something.

Fight song Performed by marching band

Stephen F. Austin State University Lumberjack Marching Band - Fight Song