Send Stephanie Back to El Porvenir!

Trip date: July 6th - August 3rd


I’m so very excited to announce that I will be going back to San Telmo to serve in the El Porvenir Summer Program! It is a month-long program where we invite the children and youth of the local community to learn English, art, community service, Bible stories, body worships/skits, and even participate in sports and group team building games and activities!

I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. God has been so good to me in providing me with such an amazing group of friends and family member that support me and are truly for me. So for that, I thank you, and I thank God for you. :)

A Little Bit About San Telmo…

San Telmo, also know as Diaz Ordaz, is a small rural agricultural community located in Baja California (below California). Many of the families of the kids work in the strawberry fields farms. Many of you are familiar with the brand Driscoll strawberries. This is where those strawberries come from. While each container can cost around $3 - $4, these workers get paid about $8/day doing back-breaking physical labor all day from about 5am - to 4pm in the hot sun. Most families struggle to provide food and clothing for their young. As you can imagine, education is not one of their top priorities.

On top of that, there is a high number of people who practice witchcraft within the community and on the outskirts of the community as well. What often occurs is when an individual gets sick, families lack money and healthcare so they will go to a witch doctor instead to receive a "cure" and unknowingly fraternize with the devil. As a result of this there is a lot of spiritual warfare in that area and the enemy desires so strongly to steal the hearts of the young children but God is constantly fighting for their hearts and souls to stay steadfast in Him!

What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that even though these families have so little, they are some of the happiest, most loving people I've ever met. They find joy in the simple things. Those who have encountered the Lord and know Him personally are truly so radiant and fight and pray for their community in such a passion way. There is an urgency because spiritual warfare is so real to them and occurs right in front of their eyes. Their love and need for the Lord and His provisions is so real. You can feel their passion beaming from the way they worship. God LOVES these people so much and His presence is so strong there.

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El Porvenir Primaria

The cost of transportation, uniforms, lunch, books, and school supplies are all seen as unnecessary expenses in comparison to their need for food, water, and other basic necessities. El Porvenir is located right in their community and provides these needy families with all of the necessary supplies, lunches, uniforms, and books at low-costs by the 4 Christ Mission organization and hopes to not only share the Gospel, but provide opportunities for this community to raise their standards of living and break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in. By providing quality education, the hope i to see students take a step on a path that offers a brighter and hopeful future sot that they can be inspired to be community leaders and world changers for the glory of Christ.

What's To Come

In past years, the El Porvenir Summer Program has always been for elementary-aged kids ages 5-12. But God has been moving tremendously within the ENTIRE community of San Telmo, Mexico and this year there will be TWO separate programs, one for the older and one for the younger kids! This is so crucial as many kids end up dropping out of school after primary and move on to working in the fields alongside other adults. There they get exposed to the peer pressures of alcohol and drug use. Some of the kids who go to the program and even encounter God powerfully fall away through peer and “machismo” cultural pressures (masculine, male dominant, “tough guy” type of culture). God loves the community of San Telmo SO much and has been moving so rapidly!

My Personal Testimony

All of you know me, but many of you don't know my story. Here's my testimony about why I love Jesus so much. :) DISCLAIMER: It is long! Read if you dare.

Partner With Me

Prayer Requests

I ask that you all would partner with me in prayer.

  • For myself. It's been tough coming back from serving in Mexico for 8 months and I have a feeling I'm going to DIE even though I'm only going to be going for a month. Pray that I would have an open heart and that I would truly allow God to move within me and speak to me. Also that I would have zeal for the Lord once again and give everything I am to Him every single day.
  • That the Lord to bring His children to the program and make a way for many to attend
  • For the families and the community in general, that God would open the hearts that are hardened and move within them, as well as those that already know Him
  • Against the enemy and all of the witchcraft and alcohol and drug abuse. Let's declare WAR!!
  • For our team. We NEED your prayers! For physical strength, the love of Christ to exude from us, for humility, patience, and for a sacrificial heart that is willing to give everything to the Lord in ALL that we do


My goal is to raise $1,800 by June 20th.

If you feel moved by this letter or if God is moving within your heart to donate, please do so! The money goes to school supplies, food, and water, medicine, transportation, equipment and airfare.

Venmo: @stephyiii


Mail-in check: made out to Stephanie Yi (3821 Beech Down Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151)

Cash: in person

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