Stress Management Flyer

By Roman Sorin

Definition of Stress

Stress- a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

Common stressors for teens



-Family Stressors

-Substance Abuse

Effects of physical, mental, and emotional stress if not managed


-Academic Decline




-Other body problems

Ways to reduce stress

-Breath deeply

-Be present

-Listen to music


-Drink tea

3 stress management techniques

-Guided Imagery: During guided imagery, you calm your body down and wipe your mind. You set up a relaxing tape or record for music or listening, then imagine yourself in different places. These places should be calming and places you feel calm at.

-Writing: Writing for 10-15 minutes can relieve stress by letting your emotions out. This keeps track of your progress and you can relate back to the paper when you read it over again.

-Breath: Breathing is what life needs. When you breath in a relaxed way, your mind automatically realizes it needs to calm down and everything is ok. You will reduce the strain of stress or any other source if you just breath.

Quote about stress management

“Work while you can. But avoid overwork; depletion of energy.”
― Lailah Akita