Smothway Scheisstein

By: Zen and Steve


Over the weekend, an alien named Smothway Scheisstein came to Washington School to find a group of students that were the most creative and resourceful. He came from a galaxy named Noside. His planet is named Edarg-5. 7 others besides Smothway was in their ship but only 1 alien came out of it.


Everybody agrees, no creativity, no imaginations in Edarg-5 he explains. That's the reason why he came here, to spice things up in his life. He collects information from us to use in their planet.


Smothway got here on a mother ship driven by a pilot named Mork and a copilot. It dropped a personal ship of Smothway's. It crashed in Washington Schools parking lot. Mrs.Norton and Mrs. Westover caught the alien and dragged him to the door. Mrs. Teresa opened the door and together they brought him into the principals office. Later he was brought to a secret room.
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