Speed & Accidents

By: Ben D Hour 7

Media influences

Videogames such as "Grand Theft Auto" may cause young drivers to drive fast or out of control. In the game you are encouraged to do that and people may take that into real life.

Tv shows like "Jersey Shore" might make people think it is cool to drink and make bad decisions, such as drinking and driving.

In Minnesota, driver-distraction related crashes resulted in 72 deaths.

Many of these distractions were cell phone related.

Interpersonal communication

A person could talk to quite a few different groups of people about speed and accidents.

The department of motor vehicles could be talked to about the statistics of automobile crashes and how to deal with them.

You could talk to the police department about crashes and safety.

Positive and negative effects.

Negative effects-

- Possible injuries

- Possible mental issues, such as trauma and anxiety.

- You could have lots of property damage.

- Possible permeant injury.

Possible positive effects-

- You could come to be more appreciative of life.

- You could end up unhurt, and get a new car.

- If you sue if it is not your fault you can receive things from the person who's fault it was.

- New laws such as the law requiring seat belts could be passed


- New, more safe cars could be created and new technologies could be made to keep drivers and passengers safe.

- New more effective ways of directing traffic could be create to lower the opportunities for crashes.

- In St. Paul there are sensors under the road that can tell where there is a traffic jam, then the sensors will change the speed limit, giving drivers coming up on the jam time to slow down.