By: Brooke Steeno, Jenny Robinson, and Camdyn King- 7th Hour


There may be many children born, but there are a lot of poisons. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but even a caring mother can't keep the poison away from her own children. Poison can take a child away just as fast as it appeared. Cute baby faces kill, so do violent poisons.

Poisons can easily kill people. Sometimes they come in pretty colors. Some are invisible or a gas. Poisons can taste or even smell good, but that doesn't mean that they are good for you at all. Poisons can be in pills, batteries, medication, cleaning products, and even simple art supplies. They are something very dangerous, but can be prevented.


-Poison Control Centers in 2010 received 2.4 million calls while half of those involved children 5 years and under

-9 out of 10 poisonings occur at home

-1.2 million children die from poisons a year

-Unintentional poisoning of people 25-64 years old was more popular than death in a motor vehicle crash

-In 2009, 91% of unintentional poisoning deaths were caused by drugs

Poison Preventions

1. Make sure to put away potentially poisonous items out of children's sight and reach.

-It would be terrible to come how to a dead child. Sometimes you don't even know if the child ate anything harmless. The poisons act fast so putting them in the right spot can meant the difference between life or death.

2. You should know, learn, or have the Nations Poison Control number.

-The number is (1-800-222-1222). These people can get help on the way to save whoever has been poisoned.

3. Children's eyes are often level with bathroom and kitchen sinks so anything they hold could be more dangerous then others.

- Some things to remove from this level would be dishwasher fluid, detergents, bleach, and other cleaning solutions to another location.

4. Keeps cabinets locked.

- You can use safety locks to close your cabinets. They only take a few minutes to lock and place and install but still keep you safe at mind.

5. Read the labels of items.

- By doing this you would be able to find out the potentially dangerous products that you would need to keep away from your children. Some things to watch out for are makeup, pesticides, plants, lead personal care products, carbon monoxide, art supplies, and alcohol.

6. Make sure medicine is put away.

- Lock on the safety cap and put it out of sight and reach of children.

7. Don't swap containers.

-If you were to put a poisonous item in a different container, someone could mistake it as something to drink or not know the exact contents.

8. Throw away old poisons.

- Clean out your basements and cabinets of items containing poisons you don't need. Why would you keep an old sandwich if you don't like it? Don't do the same with your cleaning supplies and chemicals.

National Poison Prevention Week

Sunday, March 16th, 12am

In your community!!! (Pulaski) For more information call 800-222-1222

This celebration is from March 16-22 in the year 2014.