Facts about the U.S.A presidents

The presidents contributed to our country's success.

Fact about the U.S. Presidents

To begin with, Ronald Reagan contributed to our country's success freedom and foundation. Ronald Reagan was born on February 6 1911 in Tampico Illinois. During Reagan's first term Reagan wanted lower taxes and more money defense. Congress adopted most of his programs but in 1981 many companies, failed and many people lost there jobs. In 1987 Ronald reagan signed a agreement to get rid of nuclear weapons. reagan braked down the berlin wall on june 12, 1987.

Fact about the U.S Presidents

Another example, Bill Clinton contributed to our country's success, freedom and foundation. As president Bill Clinton worked to fix money problems and create more jobs. In 2005 George h bush and bill clinton raised money for the tsunami victims and hurricane kutrina. He campaign for health care systems Clinton also spoke for equal writes.

Facts about the U.S President

In addition, Abraham Lincoln contributed to our country's success, freedom and foundation. Lincoln free the slaves on september 22 1862 it was called the emancipation proclamation. Lincoln was the first major politic figure to suggest extending the rights to vote to women. Lincoln helped lead our country in the civil war.