Utility Software

Utility software and their uses


An antivirus is a type of software that is designed and produced to warn and protect your computer from things like viruses, tracking cookies and pop ups etc. Anti virus software is very useful and worth while as viruses and such like are extremely bad for computers and can lead to you being easily hacked or great harm and damage being inflicted on the computer itself.

Disc Cleaner

A disc cleaner is a piece of computer software that searches for and deletes and unwanted or un-used files. This frees up space on the hard drive and allows the computer to run alot faster.

Back up data

Backing up data basically means that you can save any files of importance else where other than on the computers hard drive itself. This means that if the computer was to break, be filled with viruses or corrupt any of its files, the ones that were backed up would be safe, meaning that you could reupload and reuse these files

File Storing

File storing is basically saving documents, music, videos, pictures, etc into files on to the hard disk drive of a computer, or external hard drive or backup. Obviously file storing is useful, and also essential as if you could not save work you would lose it all.

File Renaming

File Conversion

File Transfer


Anti Virus

Virus protection are a type of software made by companies like MacAfee, Norton and AVG. Virus protection is a firewall that you put in place on your PC that picks up and destroys any attacking viruses, worms, tracking cookies etc. The virus protection software is there to keep your computer safe. This would be very useful for Victor and Margaret as they both said that one of the reasons for them getting their own computer is so that they can surf the internet. With virus protection in place they will be able to do this easily and safely.


A backup is a way of being able to save certain files and documents, usually of importance elsewhere from the computers internal hard drive. A small backup of just a few files can be done on something such as a USB flash drive or (pen drive), where as a full, or incremental back up would need to be backed up onto a external hard drive, due to the size of all the software being backed up. A backup of data is very useful as it means that if the computer was to crash or the files where to become corrupted you wouldn't lose any work, and could re-upload it at a later date.

File Restoring

File restoring is the ability to take your computer back to a certain date and reopen files that may have been corrupted or you may have lost.