News In The Middle East

News in Iraq

The bad weather in Iraq is interfereing with the oil exports. The hight winds in the Gulf are so bad that they cant load ships. In other news, the Untied states and Zionist regime have devised a scheme for Iraq to start the fight/war. In Iraq they are telling people to remain vigilant and pay no attention to the enemies. On January 6, Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-maleki warned against foreign interference, saying it would push the country toward sectarian violence. Proof of this violence is shown as Iraq's ethnic strife claims at least 24 more lives. The attacks mode for Iraq's bloodiest day in two weeks. A planted bomb went off as mourners gathered to mark al-issawis' death wounding three of them, the authorities said. Violent attacks hit other parts of the country swell. More people died and more and more attacks are happening.

What's Happening In Iran?!

Iran is trying to send a monkey into space... again! Hamid Fazeli, head of the Iranian Space Agency told reporters, "Testing phase on these living capsules has ended and monkeys to be sent to space are now in quarantine." He also said, "These monkeys will be sent into space according to a timetable on Fajr Ceremonies." referring to a 10-day period in February.

At the same time the bad weather could affect the launch. On January 15 about 50 Iranians were on their way home and got stranded after being freed by Syrian rebels. The authorities traded 2,000 prisoners for the 48 captives to be set free. Winds in Iran won't allow the prisoners to leave and go home to their families that they haven't seen in a long time. They're hoping to get back as soon as possible.

In other news four U.S. non-proliferation specialists are persuading the Obama administration to suggest stronger economic sanctions against Iran and have more threats to destroy their nuclear program with military means. They wrote a 155-page report telling Washington to institute an embargo of all investments in, and all trade with Iran except food and medicine. The specialists are telling Iran to freeze its nuclear-related work or else they will proceed with the threat. What will they do? We have to wait and see.