Chromebook Handbook

Use this guide to help you master your Chromebook.

How to set up your Chromebook

This part of the article is to help you set up your Chromebook, good luck!

Once you open up your Chromebook, on the right hand side next to the battery percentage you will see a little person icon. Click the icon and a little box will pop up, at the bottom of the box there will be a little wrench a icon, with the words settings next to it. After you click that you will have to scroll down a little bit until you see the words USER, under the heading you will see a little box with a person icon, click that and click that camera icon, after that look at the camera at the top of your screen and take your picture.

Next comes the safety of your Chromebook, if you have younger siblings and they are using your Chromebook make sure that you are supervising them. Also if you recently ate, make sure to wash your hands. You need to make sure that you don’t leave anything on the keyboard and then shut the lid. If you do you could easily crack your screen. And never set your Chromebook on the floor, on a chair, or next to water.

Now you might want to change your wallpaper. To do this right click anywhere on the home screen. If you don’t already know how to right click, it’s easy, all that you do is click with two fingers. Once you do this, you will see three options, Auto Hide, Shelf position, and Set wallpaper. Click the last choice and from then on choice the picture that you like, but don’t worry about it, you can always change your wallpaper.

And of course you and your teachers will probably be using Gmail a lot. Make sure that you never say mean or hurtful things, the district can look into your mail if they are told that someone got sent a mean message. Even if it is just teasing don’t say it. Also make sure that if somebody sends something mean to you, REPORT IT! To do this check the box of the message and you will see a stop sign with an exclamation point, click that to report the message.

How does having a Chromebook effect you?

A lot of responsibility comes with getting Chromebooks but also a lot of privileges. With our Chromebooks we can expand our learning by researching, taking notes, blogging, etc. But if we misuse the Chromebooks by damaging it,using it incorrectly, or looking/listening to non-school appropriate things.

By having these devices we can now email our teachers at home if we are having problems with homework or maybe to ask if a club is starting that day. Plus you can also get reminders from your friends so you don’t forget that Choir Zone has a concert tonight or that today we need our instruments for strings. We can also blog on our computers, to show feelings, talk to friends, and show what’s going on in your life.

What does the Chromebook have?

On your Chromebook you can listen to music. Like Pandora, Grooveshark, iTunes, and so on. I usually listen to Grooveshark while I’m working on something on Google Drive or at indoor recess while I’m choosing AWESOME wallpaper. Sometimes during indoor recess I take selfies with the camera. Also if I think that I’m going to forget something then I set a reminder on Google calendar. I haven’t tried the calculator myself yet but my my friends and family says that it works perfectly! It also has YouTube - of course- and Gmail. I email my friends A LOT, whether it’s a reminder for the first day of choir or an issue with my homework I like mailing people a lot. I like typing, some people say that it’s my way of talking, but anyways the Chromebook also has Google Drive, which is what I’m on right now. And there is also Classroom which we use for library and electives. There is also Prezi which my dad uses pretty often (he’s a high school teacher) and Google Slides which is a lot like Microsoft power point. Padlet a thing that we use in Electives is also something pretty cool, you can put your thoughts on there and see everyone else's comments too while they are typing! I also like Blogger which my class got started on, though most of them don’t post unless if they have to, but I have at least six posts, I’m making at least one a week now.

If inappropriate content shows

Let’s say you are searching something on YouTube and an inappropriate video starts playing. Mute your Chromebook and go to the search bar and type something different or make sure that you spelled what you searched correctly. If you spelled it correctly and you have been typing different things, chose another site like KidRex or Grolier which you can find on the library page.

If the video that popped up wasn’t related to the site you were first on try to X out of it, if that doesn’t work mute your Chromebook and scroll down. DON’T try to watch the video if you know or or pretty sure that it’s inappropriate. Then get an adult and show them what happened, they can probably fix it and if not it’s better that they know. Plus if the content keeps coming up you may have to shut down your Chromebook to stay safe.

Get the the iPad mini

Let’s say you don’t know if you should get the Samsung Chromebook or the Apple iPad mini. Some similarities between the Chromebook and iPad mini is that both devices can have set up passwords, although on the Chromebook the password is automatically set up, while the iPad mini you have to go to settings to put up a password. Another similarity most devices have is having a background, it comes with a background but you can easily change it. And of course you have to have apps on your device, which both of these devices have, they also have the ability show the time. And you can Skype on both of these to keep in touch with friends and family that you maybe can’t see everyday.

Some differences that the Chromebook and iPad mini have are that the Chromebook is a Samsung product with Google apps, on the other hand the iPad mini is an Apple product. The Chromebook has longer battery life than the iPad mini. Meanwhile the iPad mini is smaller, although it can’t access Chrome while of course the Chromebook can. And a little saddening, the Chromebook can’t have all of the apps that your iPad mini can.

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