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Audrey and Adell's Perspective


Mrs. Jones's class have been working extremely hard in class the past two weeks. They have been having TONS of fun lately from Science experiments all the way to writing their own stories. They also had plenty of flexibility with substitute teachers and math tests in both advanced math and 5th grade math. You just have to see all the exciting things we did this week below.


As you saw above, there are different types of fiction that people have been working on. There are awesome stories from interesting time periods. We have been working on the story elements, and many have actually started writing. I suggest you ask your child about his/her story.


In reading, our class worked on discovering a way to present a claim, theory, or theme that we created after reading part of the book Julian's Chapter. We added evidence from the book to back up our ideas.


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During math this week, Mrs. Jones was out a bit due to a sick kid and Mrs. Wallen took her place. She was happy to know that she understood everything the kids were doing in math this week. The kids have been working on converting decimals to percentage, and Mrs. Wallen made this easier for all of the kids.


This week, we have been working hard on our science experiments. They had lots of options, and kids worked out some very interesting projects. We also recently finished owl dissections, many groups found an entire skeleton.

Classroom Fun

Even though having a substitute is not what this class wants, subs have done amazing jobs for these students. Mr. Kimmel successfully taught all the students the first ten presidents while setting goals, and Mrs. Wallen (who knows she isn't exactly a math whiz), explained to the advanced math students how converting decimals can be seen as easy.
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Good Behavior Is Rewarded

Kids in this class set goals that pushed them to be better and try harder at new things. Of course, Mrs. Jones has set rewards along the way as motivation. When a student meets a goal, they color in one star on a sheet. Every ten stars is a level, and as the levels get higher, the prizes get bigger. The prizes could be anything from lunch in the classroom to spending extra time with the class pet, Venelope. Thank you Mrs. Jones!