St Mary's School

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Put your whole confidence in God - Catherine McAuley

Dear parents, children and parishioners,

Thanks to those who joined us last week on zoom for John Parsons - what a great presentation. Further down in this newsletter you will see a link to one of his videos. We are still trying to get as many of our activities, meetings and events celebrated, but we are running into obstacles everywhere, thank goodness for zoom. However, zoom can't do everything and so there are more changes to come to our end of term events, but (as I have recently said to the year 6 parents) I have looked at our school vision and here's my quote: we are flexible and open minded and support people with new ideas... We appreciate everyone and know they are doing their role to the best of their ability.

Families, thank you for keeping us all safe by staying home if unwell. You are doing a great job. We are being hit by absences of students and of adults which makes our daily work challenging. However, we are really privileged to hear how your children have welcomed each other back and shared their experiences together. What a place to live and to learn!

Take care everyone, Annie


Well done to you, Heidi Byars, for your latest success in gymnastics. Heidi showed great determination by continuing to compete whilst her step 3 teammate was away - what a way to go! First place!

And more...

Congratulations to Annie Saunders who smashed it for the 6 year old girls in athletics 4th long jump, 3rd shot put, 3rd 100m, 1st in 60m and 1st in 80m. Woohoo!

Kupu o te wiki - Word of the week

Here's a word I use often - arohamai to say sorry. In last Sunday's Gospel we met the Forgiving Father, the parable we used to call "The Prodigal Son". The story has given us time in school to reflect upon forgiveness. The word arohamai is perfect for this reflection, it literally means "show me love". Aroha mai I am sorry, show me love, be compassionate like the Loving Father.

John Parson - Cybersafety

Last week John zoomed into all the classrooms to talk to your children about the golden rules in real and cyber life. The parent information evening was great, but I know not all of you could attend even though many of you wanted to. I had planned to video the meeting, however due to the nature of the discussion John felt it could be inhibiting. So, instead he has provided us with a series of videos. Here is your first one, and it is about families that eat together, see below.
Family's that eat together heal together

Achievement information 2021 - reading

This week I am reporting on our reading data of 2021.

Reading data - year end 2021 we had 92% of students working at or above the expected curriculum level (age related), this is identical to the overall achievement in reading at the end of 2020.

The data shows progress across the school which is always pleasing of course! We are really fortunate to have Mrs Volp as a specialist teacher in reading. We have a number of interventions that support students if they get 'stuck', but also we are blessed to have a community of families that obviously values literacy - who read to and with their children daily. This is key to our shared success.

Takahe writing - Best Part of Me

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From 8am Tuesday 29 March 2022, a Prohibited Fire Season will be in place for all of the Southern District. This means open fires are not permitted (Gas appliances are allowed).

We also have a post on our Facebook page on Tuesday, which you are welcome to share.

Thank you

Upcoming events

Week 10

Gospel and prayers, Room Pūkeko

Year 6 camp postponed until August

Thursday 7th Board meeting 7pm

Week 11

Gospel and prayers, Annie

Thursday 14th - Easter Liturgy

End of term, school finishes at usual time Thursday 14th