Heather's Home Life

Issue 9 | Q2 2020


Our Elmhurst home is the backdrop for my family's story, and we love where we live. Everyone deserves to be safe & happy at home, so helping folks as a Realtor is a joy, not just a job.

I believe we belong to one another - that the Golden Rule isn't simply a good idea, but the best way to ensure peace and equity in all things for all people. As a Realtor, I practice putting others first as I elevate my clients' dreams, seek to understand and respect their counterparts' motivations, and build cooperative coalitions with other professionals.

Real Estate transactions can be tricky, and no two are the same. I would love the opportunity to earn your business when it is time to take your next step, and demonstrate how my philosophy won't leave you exhausted by the process. Rather, I will produce the results you need and fuel you with hope for what's on the horizon.

Calling All Sellers

It's heating up, and I'm not talking about the weather. The real estate market is still hot, hot, hot! Rates are LOW, so buyers are emboldened to make their move and want to do so while kids aren't in school and parents have a break from distance learning duties. But what about sellers? The listings we expected to see in the spring weren't there, and now the market is responding to that pent-up demand. If you take a step back and read the data, the regional sale prices seem to be following expected seasonal descent. However, June's weekly data for the Sacramento region is showing the potential for an abnormal shift - prices are up as the month closes, and nearly 60% of current escrows had multiple offers, that's 10% more than May.

Striking Racism from the Record

In California, housing discrimination is illegal, and fair housing laws protect numerous classes of people from it. The laws we rely upon to ensure equal access for renters and buyers were hard-won and relatively new. They work to dismantle the legacy of deep-rooted systemic practices that sought to limit the availability and transfer of property, particularly to people of color. Dating to the 1920s, CC&Rs (covenants, conditions, & restrictions) limit homeowners' activities on their property. These legal promises still exist in our home's deeds, and indeed, often outline rules and promises about the specific people a home cannot be sold to or occupied by. Today, our laws nullify these racist CC&Rs.

California law also protects your right to strike such language from the record. To obtain a copy of your home's deed, reach out to the Title company you worked with during escrow. If you don't remember, give your Realtor a call (we love to hear from you!). You can also reach out to the City/County Clerk or Recorder. In Sacramento County, call 916-874-8884 or start your Restrictive Covenant Modification here.

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I think buying or selling a home should be be fun. My clients agree that it is!

Angel & Lucy


...When we started looking for homes, Heather told us that this is supposed to be a fun process and I could not fathom how it could be. Somewhere along the line she changed it up on us and she made it exactly that. We now get to welcome our first child in a home that is everything we hoped for and it is thanks to Heather's dedication, knowledge, and kindness, and just a dash of Harry Potter references...

Matt & Julie


As first time home buyers and being relatively new to Sacramento, we are thrilled we worked with Heather Downey. From the beginning, Heather was an excellent communicator, taking the time to explain the entire home buying experience without overwhelming us. She answered all of our questions promptly and kept us in the loop throughout the whole process. With the restrictions created by COVID-19, Heather was respectful and patient. She listened carefully to what we were looking for and truly cared about us and our happiness in finding our new home. We will be recommending Heather to everyone in the future, because she is simply the best.

Let's Talk

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