FONPS Newsletter

Connecting Families within our Schools

A Letter from the Presidents

Dear Families,

Welcome to Our First Newsletter!

The goal of this newsletter is to help foster the home to school connection that is so vital to the growth and education of our children. We hope to use this platform to encourage family involvement, to share information and to answer questions. We also hope to share pictures from our latest events and encourage families to enjoy and become involved in the education of their children. These are our schools and, by working together, we hope to make all of our experiences the best they can possibly be.

What is FONPS??

The Friends of Nantucket Public Public Schools is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission it is to create community within the schools, to support school initiatives financially through our fundraisers and to create our own enrichment opportunities within the schools that are not covered under the school umbrella.

Five Fundraising Events Per Year - Our Five Fundraising Events per Year are the fall Bike-A-Thon, the Holiday House Tour, the winter Spelling Bee, the spring NES Dance and the summer Drive-In Movie. The money raised at these events goes towards supplies, enrichment events, teacher trips, staff initiatives and more.

Scholarships and Grants- we have a number of opportunities available for families to receive help attaining goals for students. Please take a look at our offerings here.

Community Involvement - we try to have a presence within our schools to help parents with questions and provide support and information. Please email us at or call us at 508-228-5269 if you have a question or want to be involved.

We hope you are enjoying a great start to the school year.


Hadley Dutra and Marian Wilson (Co-Presidents)

The Fall Bike-a-Thon "FUN"draiser

We want to thank all of the sponsors, teachers, parents, staff and, most importantly, the student riders, for making this the most successful bike-a-thon the FONPS have held to date. We raised over $5,500 for our schools. Between DJ Phil playing music, fizzy water served by Fizzleblitz and the costumes our riders adorned, everyone had a great time. Click through the photos below for some great moments captured by parents and FONPS board member and photographer Laurie Richards.

The 33rd Annual Holiday House Tour

Friday, Dec. 4th, 4-7pm

77 Main Street

Nantucket, MA

Please join us on this popular walking tour of historic Nantucket homes. Tour participants receive a wristband and brochure which contains a map and information about each home. They may then begin the tour at any of the six homes on this year's tour. On the tour this year are:

73 Main Street, 77 Main Street, 6 Pine Street, 15 Pine Street, 3 Charter Street, and 6 Charter Street.

Strollers also gain entry to the Nantucket Historical Association's Festival of Trees at the Whaling Museum. We welcome strollers with a performance by the NHS elite singing group The Accidentals and Naturals and light dessert fare by students in the NHS Culinary Arts Program.

Tickets to the Holiday House Tour are on sale now and may be purchased here.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

The 33rd Annual Holiday House Tour

Now in its 33rd year, this walking tour through historic homes in town professionally decorated for the holidays will be held on Friday, December 4 from 4-7pm. After viewing the homes on the tour, participants may enjoy a reception at the NHA Whaling Museum where the Festival of Trees will be on display. Strollers can also enjoy a performance by The Accidentals and Naturals and dessert fare prepared by Tom Proch and The NHS Culinary Arts Program students.

Purchase tickets here before they sell out!
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77 Main Street will be on the 2015 Holiday House Tour

What's Happening in Our Schools?

While we understand that each school publishes a newsletter listing calendar items and other school happenings, these are a few things from each school that we think are pretty cool. For this newsletter we've decided to focus on school clubs and volunteering opportunities.

News about our New School

Construction is beginning on the new Elementary school building. While we get regular emails from school administrators, keep an eye in this newsletter for additional updates and summaries of recent activities. Since October 8th, equipment has been brought in to the NES playground area, fencing gone up and the removal of the Sustainable Nantucket garden has begun. No motor vehicle operation will take place while students are at recess. The entire playground will, hopefully, be back in action ASAP.For up-to-date info check out the NES main page.

Amazon Rewards for FONPS

Explain to people how to use this feature (have to go through the FONPS website to access the link and make their purchase from there).

Just for Fun

We've decided at FONPS that we want to get to know our teachers better. We're asking one teacher per issue to take part in a little interview so we can delve into their 'secret lives.' It's just for fun, plus we enjoy getting to know our teachers as real people. Speaking of teachers, don't wait until teacher appreciation week rolls around to tell your teacher how much you appreciate all that they do. If you need a resource for how to communicate better with your teacher, try this link.

The Secret Lives of Teachers

Our First Candidate- Second Grade Teacher Julie Mosgrober

FONPS: Hi Mr. Cozort- thanks for meeting with us.

Cozort: No problem. I always take time out for people helping the schools.

FONPS: People are asking - what is your soccer background?

Cozort: Well, I used to play and I was quite good!

FONPS: We also heard that you speak French??

Cozort: Yes, well, I lived there when I was a young lad..

FONPS: What do you enjoy the most about living on Nantucket?

Cozort: I love fish! And sharks!

FONPS: What's one of the funnier things that has happened to you since moving to the island?

Cozort: I got on a ferry to Hyannis and it ended up in Martha's Vineyard.

Photos to Share

Have a cool photo you'd like to see in the newsletter? Please email it to and tell us a little about it. Please make sure the student in the photo has a photo release form on file in your school.

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We have recently updated our WEBSITE!!! Please take a look at the new FONPS website here and access the Amazon link below to to give 5% of your purchase towards helping Nantucket Public Schools