The Kill Order

Author: James Dashner


Mark survived the scorch where the suns flares burnt the Earth. He now lives in a settlement with other survivors. One day a berg comes and starts shooting people with these darts. The darts are infected with a disease that targets the brain. Mark and his friends Trina, Lana and Alec decide to leave the settlement in order to avoid the spread of the disease. Once in the forest they find an abandoned village with nobody in it except a little girl named Deedee. They take Deedee with them because they thinks she is special because she was shot with a dart but hasn't showed symptoms of the disease. After they leave the village they set up camp, but after awhile they start to hear a woman's voice singing. Alec and Mark decide to go and see what it is. They head towards the noise and find people scattered around a bonfire singing, but before they can act on what to do they are captured and are brought down to the fire. They are bound and tied having to watch the people who are infected with the disease. But Alec and Mark manage to escape and start to run back to camp but are followed by the crazed people. They manage to outrun the people and make it back to camp but when they arrive Lana, Trina and Deedee are no where to be found. They follow a trail that was left by the girls and it leads them to a secret facility. Once inside they follow two men into a room where a meeting is being held about the disease. Mark and Alec find out about a flat trans that will take people to a safer place because the disease is getting out of control and that the disease is called the Flare. The people that are holding the meeting see them and try to capture the two but Mark and Alec escape by stealing a berg. They head towards a small town where they believe the people took the girls. Before heading out to find them they find a weapon to use against the crazed people, it is called a transvice and it dissolves people into thin air. They go through the street and look for them until they find Lana who is being dragged from house by the crazed people. They end up having to shoot Lana with the transvice because of her injuries. They head into the house Lana came from and find Trina and Deedee. Mark takes the girls and Alec back to the berg where they fly off to where the flat trans is. While on the berg Mark finds files that state the flare was intentional in order to lower the population because there isn't enough resources. Also while on the ship Mark realizes that he is starting to get the Flare but he tries to hold on in order to get Deedee to safety. Once they arrive at the flat trans he gives Deedee a piece of paper that says " She's Immune to the Flare,use her, do it before the crazy people find you (Dashner323)." They usher the little girl into the flat trans before a berg comes crashing into the building.

Two years later it describes how Deedee's life has changed because she now is part of a program to help find a cure to the Flare because she is immune along with another boy.

Character Summary

Mark- Mark is a 17 year old boy who is has survived the Scorch. He is very brave and will do anything to protect his friends more importantly Trina. Mark is a survivor who knows how to act quickly and defend people when trouble arises.

Trina- Trina is 17 years old and has blonde hair who also has survived the Scorch. She helps anybody who needs it especially her friends. When they find a little girl named Deedee, Trina becomes very protective of her.

Alec- Alec is a gruff looking older man who used to be a soldier, he too has survived the Scorch. With his knowledge from being a soldier he is very smart and is quick thinking, knowing exactly what to do in any situation. Alec like Mark is a survivor who will do anything to survive.

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Ashley McDonald June 9, 2015