Old Sone Age (Paleolithic Era)

Was a peirod of time that lasted about 12,000 to 70,000.

People during this time did live a nomadic life. They did no settle at a permanent home

Animals that were hunted

These animals included:
  • Mammoth
  • Wild boar
  • Reindeer

Some food that was gathered was

  • Roots, berries, and other plant life
  • Shaby incaps, grass, crowberry
  • morel, and wild cabbage

Tools that were used


  • man used stone, wood, and bone tools in order to survive during the old stone age

Most importantly man discovered fire

The shelters were usually caves

New Stone Age (Neolithic Era) Lasted about 6,000 to 12,000 years ago

  • people began to settle in one place
  • Man changed his diet and eat grains a smaller animals

Start of the neolithic Revolution

  • Agriculture is the raising of crops and animals
  • The development of agriculture began over a long period of time and more than one place
  • people no longer needed to travel great distances to obtain food
  • Early people learned to care for plants such as wheat, barley, and sheep.

Comparing and Contrasting The Old and New Stone Ages

Both of these periods in time are moments in history where man needed to hunt and gather in order for human survival. Both used methods of hunting in order to hunt certain animals that would provide them with enough food for the time being. Both also allowed for new discoveries of different tools. These tools were used for many things including hunting and gathering. Also in both of these time periods man gathered many plants and life including berries roots and cabbage. The Old Stone Age and New Stone Age are very important events that led to how man are made today.

Although both of these time periods are similar they are also different in many ways. During the Old Stone Age man relied on hunting and gathering most of their food. This made it much harder to actually find food because it was very time consuming and also can be very difficult. Also during this time humans have made the discovery of fire. This was probably the most important discovery because it allowed for many different attributes. It allowed for warmth during harsh climates and also allowed humans to cook food. Times during this period were much harder because these humans lived a nomadic life which made them always on the constant move. However the New Stone Age made the discovery of farming. This mad it much easier to obtain food. With the uses of many different techniques humans were now able to find food quicker. Although it was still a little time consuming it still was an effective way in order for survival. Both of these time periods contributed to the formation of the future and was very important to history.